How To Enable Text-to-Speech On Apple iOS 5-Running iPad


How To Enable Text-to-Speech On Apple iOS 5-Running iPad

The one thing that I love about Apple and its iPad product is the fact that when they upgrade something they really upgrade it. Take for example the last iPad with the new release firmware iOS 5 on it. Among numerous great functions and features I have found that one of the best is a text-to-speech function. I don’t say we are facing a revolutionary, never seen feature here. All that I am saying is that Apple always takes what’s good around them, upgrade it and then implement it in their products.

What this function does is that it reads the selected text on your screen. And, keep in mind this is a function that will work on all the apps found on the device including the Amazon Kindle application. With other words, from now on all that a user needs to do is tap and select a part of the book. From that point on, that part will be read to him. In order to benefit from this feature you have to enable it because it is not set to be a default feature. Here is how to do that:

  1. You begin by pressing the “Power” button located at the top of your iPad tablet. This action will turn on the device. After a few moments, there will be some screens shown to the user. Move the slider from left to right in order to unlock the device.

  2. Now make a tap on the Settings icon. This is located on iPad’s home screen. Also tap on the General tab located on the left hand side. From all the options presented in there, tap on the “Accessibility” button.

  3.  Make a scroll down of the screen and tap on the VoiceOver option. You will be presented a new screen where there will be the need of switching from the OFF to the ON position. This is the point where you will hear the tablet reading to you things. It will be probably a female voice reading different items on the screen.

  4. In order to get back to your home screen press the “Home” button on the iPad. I suggest you start experimenting this new feature with some Kindle e-books. If so tap on the “Kindle ” icon in order to start the app.

  5. Last but not least tap on the book you wish to read. After the book is opened on the screen just tap on the first paragraph to see how the new reading feature is handling. The voice will continue to read the text from the book until you make a different selection or exit the  Amazon Kindle app.

Keep in mind that this is one feature only available to iOS 5 or later. If you have an older version there will be the need of upgrading your OS. Update it with the use of the firmware found on the iTunes desktop client. And I strongly recommend to upgrade your iOS even if you don’t plan to use this feature. Like I said earlier Apple always offer something new with every update.

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