How To Transform A Normal Book Into Multipage PDF


How To Transform A Normal Book Into Multipage PDF

The old way books were made from wood turned into paper is long gone. Now it’s the era of electronic books, an upgrade of the old book that offers a few nice features. And with every day that passes we see that electronic books are becoming more and more popular. This could be a result of the expansion that e-readers and tablet computers have all around the world.

With names like Kindle and iPad topping both of these gadget sectors, people are turning more and more to e-books. But there are cases when for example a book that you want isn’t available in the electronic format. That is why you should know how to scan and turn the result into a known readable format. Today we will explain and give a few ideas about the Portable Document Format, or how most users know it under the simple name of PDF. From the start you should know this is a very time-consuming process that depends mainly on the length of the book. In general the user is able to create multi-page PDF from a paper book using a PDF writing program that also has the feature of merging multiple separate files.

Here is the entire step by step guide that will teach you all that you need to know about this process:

  1. You begin by installing a PDF writing program. Always search for one that offers the feature of combining separate PDF files. There are numerous free programs that have it and for example I will stop at PDFill ( This is a nice, free program that I have used for this tutorials but others will do OK. Other names like Foxit PDF ( and NitroPDF ( use the same step by step system I will describe in the followings.

  2. Now just lay the first page of the book on your scanner glass. Regardless of the type of scanner you use there should be a “Scan” button. Press it and wait for the page to be scanned. Click on the “Output” menu on the scanning program and select the PDF writing program. Like I said earlier, in this case we are using “PDFill.” Press the “Scan” button again in, an action that will open a separate window.

  3. Click the “Save in” menu. In there just chose a folder where you wish to save the PDF file. Choose a name for this file and enter it in the “File name”. In general I advice most users to choose something like “Book1” to remember which page is the first one and which comes second. Click the “Save” button again. This is the main way to scan and save pages and the entire process should be repeated for each page. Remember to name the pages different in such a way that they are easily distinguish and the order can be easily remembered. Naming “book1”, “book2” and so one is a good idea.

  4. This is the point where you launch the PDFill tool. After the program starts click on the “Tools” menu and from there select the “Merge PDF Files” option. This action should open a separate windows. In there, click the “Add a PDF File” button, which will open another window. Locate the “Look in” menu where you are able to select the folder in which all the separate PDF files are in. Make a click on all the files in the multi page PDF while you are also holding the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard. After all the desired files are selected click the “Open” button.

  5. The last step requires from you to select a file and click the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons. These buttons ensure that all the files are arranged in the required order. After you are sure they are arranged OK click the “Save in” menu and just select the folder in which to save the multi-page PDF file. After deciding on which name to give you your new e-book type it in the name field and click on the “Save” button.

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