How To Record Video Files Using Windows Movie Maker


How To Record Video Files Using Windows Movie Maker

Although most of Microsoft products are paid ones, there are a few tweaks that you can do and get a free access to a few features. And among them there is the ability to record a song and video for free with the use of Windows Movie Maker. Also, keep in mind that you will need a camera in order to get the job done.

The webcam that your laptop probably have is OK for this. With the use of record features embedded in the webcam you generally make a video record. And like any video, it is formed from audio and video parts. Both of these parts can be edited directly with the use of Windows Movie Maker. In general the recorded file is saved under an extension compatible with Windows Media player. You should know that all files compatible with this player coming from Microsoft are also compatible with Windows Movie Maker. So, let’s see the steps a user needs to follow:

  1. You begin by clicking on the “Start” button located at the lower left corner of your screen. In that menu click on “All Programs” and then select the one that is entitled “Windows Live Movie Maker.”

  2. After the program starts click on the “Home” tab located at the top of these windows.

  3. In there, click on the  ”Webcam Video”. This is located in the “Add” section you normally see at the top of the ribbon section.

  4. Now the real deal begins and the recording process. Tap on the “Record” button and the recording should start instantly. When all that you need is recorded simply click on “Stop” and the process should end.

  5. Last but not least type a name for the finished recording. It should be typed in the  ”File Name” field and then the “Save” button should be pressed. In order to publish your recorded video to a video sharing site just click on the “Movie Maker” tab in the top left corner of the windows and then press the “Publish” button. The last step for you would be to select the desired site you wish you video to be uploaded.

In order to get the best audio quality be sure to adjust the microphone level. This can be done from the “Speakers” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. Make a right-click on the icon and then select “Recording Devices.”  From there, click on your microphone imput and then just select the “Properties” option to adjust it to your needs.

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