Torrent speedup: How to improve torrent Download / Upload speed


Pondering that your torrent software (BitTorrent, Utorrent, Azures and many others) seems slow? Always reading of jaw-breaking speeds and you only reach some 100kb/sec? Well, probably there are no magic tricks or special patches out there to guarantee you hit 10 mb per sec. However, some tips and smart hints can help you improve torrent speed significantly. Internet download specialists, or at least those in peer to peer and torrent areas, always get asked the questions: “How to speed up BitTorrent”? or ” Hey, my download it too slow and my connection is topped at 5mb/sec !”. Read below for a structured list of simple steps to speed up your torrent downloads.

Double or triple your TCP connections

Windows caps your TCP connections at 10. Yeah, I know – bummer. This fact can quite intensely slow down your downloading speed because it wont let you connect to a high amount of ip numbers, or seeders. t is supposed to slow down viruses because their spreading strategy is to connect to a high amount of ip numbers, but it also cripples your torrent downloads. You can fix it, at least in Windows Xp SP2 with this nice patch from TorrentFreak: click here

Limit your upload speed

You should limit your upload to something between 65%-80% or your total speed. By default, torrent programs have no cap set to the upload speed. You can set that from the Preferences/Options menu, or in most softs like UTorrent and BitTorrent right click of the taskbar icon, Upload Limit -> select a value. Upload and Download, even if separated as concepts, are still linked and max upload set can hurt your download speed as well as cause crashes and, most of all, slow down your browsing capabilities. Hey, if I’m running BitTorrent that doesn’t mean I can’t check my freakin` mail, right?

Modify default ports

By default, torrent clients are active on ports within the range 6881-6999. BitTorrent accounts for a lot of the total internet traffic (1/3), so ISP’s like to limit the connection offered on the these ports. So, you should change these to another range. Good clients allow you to do this, just choose anything you like. Also, if you’re behind a router, make sure you have the ports forwarded or UPnP enabled.

Kill that Windows Firewall !

I would have colored this step all red if it wouldn’t be aesthetic. Windows Firewall seems to have a mind of it’s own but no use if you are using any serious AntiVirus, or maybe a third party firewall like Zone Alarm. Disable it first thing you install your OS, my opinion. In any case, it can damage your download procedures with torrent clients, and for some torrent sites that have user names even lead to a nice warning or ban for you. Again – no Windows Firewall ! ( START->Setting->Control Panel->Windows Firewall )

And what you already guessed…

Chose good Seeders/Peers/Leachers ratios ! duh

The criteria that tells the most is the ones concerning numbers of Seeders. The more people seed, the better speed and higher chances of no disconnects. Obviously. But, to see things deeper, you should also take into account the ratio. For example, 10 seeders and 10 peers and 1 leecher is a lot better than 400 seeders, 800 peers and 565 leechers. Go figure it out yourself…

If your download speed using torrent clients still seems slow like a dead horse, maybe it’s time you changed your internet connection. Also, try a decent online speed test, that broadband internet connection is probably applying “smart marketing” – a.k.a lying.

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