How To Install PSGroove On Your Apple iPod Touch


How To Install PSGroove On Your Apple iPod Touch

PSGroove is an Australian jailbreak that contradicts the idea that the Sony PS3 gaming console is impervious to hacking. It gives the opportunity to run backup versions of PS3 games. If using the jailbroken iPod you will have the possibility to enable a connection using the devices as the intermediary, between the PS3 and your computer. Also, you have to know that you will lose any stored data from your games if the jailbreak fails and you will have to restore the PS3 to its original OS. At the same time, keep in mind that the warranty will be lost at the time the process will start.

Start by downloading on your computer iPhoDroid and iFunbox and double-click the icon of the last one in order to install it. The next step is to double-click the icon of the iPhoDroid and extract both files from it. Then, click them and hold down the control key, and after you have selected that files move them to an accessible location, such as the desktop. In order to relocate the files, right click them and select “move” option.

Open the system/private from the iFunbox file and after that, select the iPhoDroid file, right click both and copy them into that folder. Right click each one and select “properties” or “file info” in order to check if the copied ones have the same dimensions as the original versions from the desktop. In case they don’t match, delete the copies and repeat the process by copying one more time the originals into the system/private folder.

Search under the” Wi-Fi” tab on the iPod and select the “settings” option to determine your device’s IP address. But you must know that the Bluetooth must be enabled in order to see your IP address. Navigate the Winscp and type the IP address into the “host name” area. Notice that the username is “root” and the password is “alpine” and make sure to change the file protocol from Winscp to scp. Log in and after that you will be able to see on your computer screen all the directories from the iPod.

Search into the “private/var” folder for the two iPhoDroid files that should be saved in there. You must change permissions of both files to 777 which mean “read, write, execute” by right clicking each one. Restart the iPod by turning it off and then on. At the moment that OpeniBoot will appear on your computer’s screen, select Android and press”enter” button.

Then use the PSGroove or PSFreedom to overwrite the Android image files and change their permission to 777 by right clicking them.

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