How To Access Java Websites On Apple iPod Touch


How To Access Java Websites On Apple iPod Touch

In order to see how we can install Java on an iPod I think it would be a good idea to learn a few things about it. 1st of all this is a computer language developed by Sun Microsystems. These days we are encountering more and more websites that are using the Java language in their build. That also means that in order to browse those websites or just to see them, a normal user is required to also have installed this language on his computer.

Moving further to iPod devices, these can’t use Java with their normal browser, Safari because of their incompatibility with the language. On the other hand there are multiple other programs that allow the usage of it. Sadly most of them are paid. I would recommend downloading an application called Cloud Browse from the App Store. This is one of the best apps on the market for Apple purpose that allows the view of Java content on websites.

In order to use this app let’s 1st see how we can install it. You begin by tapping on your iPod touch the “App Store” icon located on your home screen. After the store is revealed, tap on the “search” icon and with the use of the iPod touch’s virtual keypad enter the “Cloud Browse” text in the search bar. There should be only one application show. Select it and then tap on the “$2.99″ icon (as you already probably guessed this is the price). Now tap on “Buy Now” in order to start downloading and to install the application.

Now that we managed to install the Cloud Browse application we should be able to view Java-enabled website. This can be done by tapping on the “Cloud Browse” icon located on your iPod touch home screen. After you decide which website you want to try 1st, enter it in the search bar and tap on “Go”. Notice that the website loads in the Cloud Browse application and with it all the Java components will be displayed automatically as you would see a non Java website.

But in order for everything to run smoothly let’s see how the program actually works. We are encountering here an application that is using in fact a fully functional desktop version of the Firefox browser that is in fact installed on a remote server. You then control this application from your iPod touch. The interaction between this app and Firefox is created mainly because the Firefox browser also contains a Java plug-in. With this help of it the user is able to view any Java content from the comfort of his iPod. Also a more technical detail would be that this Cloud Browse utility also uses SSL encryption technology. For those of you who don’t have a clue what this means, let’s just say this is the reason why your data isn’t available to anyone else. This is a technology that protects users from lose security and also their privacy.

There are also some costs that we need to discuss. There is as I said at the beginning the initial cost of the application. This reaches a sum of “$2.99″ along with three subscription options. The 1st one is a basic subscription and it includes along the cost of the application also 10 minutes of browsing per session. And to add to all that there are a few ads you will have to view from time to time. 2nd there is the unlimited subscription. In it the user is not limited by the viewing time per session and also he has a faster access and ad removal. Last but not least there is the premium subscription that allows a user all the mentioned above things and also an option t save their sessions. Also we are encountering an even faster access I this subscription version.

If this app doesn’t fit your needs there are a few more available on Apple Store. But, from what I’ve seen this is the most complete and at the same time easy to handle when it comes to handling Java content on websites. The quick time response and also the few option offered help the user have a friendly environment and an enjoyable browsing around the web.

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