How To Use Quicken Willmaker Software On Apple’s Mac OS


How To Use Quicken Willmaker Software On Apple’s Mac OS

Some time ago I remember that I have encountered Quicken Willmaker software. But a few days ago, when trying to use the same app on a Mac OS system, I realized this isn’t possible without some further modifications. So, the idea of creating a tutorial came to my head.

1st of all let’s see what this Quicken Willmaker software is and what benefits it can offer. This is created by Intuit and sold online at the Nolo site. It can be also bought from different online retail stores. This is an application that allows users to create things like a will with all the legal terminologies necessary to make this document viable. And as I said earlier it is created for Windows users, Mac people having to do a few tweaks to benefit from it.

The first and most easy way to use the app would be to have a Windows partition. With it, there are no limitations when it comes to using it. And in addition to this, there are a few other programs that you might run on Windows OS. And as a general rule, if your system configuration handles Windows pretty well, there is no reason why it shouldn’t also run Quicken Willmaker at optimal parameters.

In order to get Windows on your Mac computer, the user needs to have and use Mac’s Boot Camp Assistant. This app is already installed on the newest Macs. We are speaking here about Intel-based computers with Mac OS 10.5 or later and that also have at least around 10 GB of free space on them. In order to get the process going, you will need a Windows full installation CD on hand. After you select the “Boot Camp Assistant” from the Utilities folder located in your Application folder, you will be automatically directed to a few instructions. This will be your guide in order to accomplish the full installation of the new OS.

But as I can imagine not all users want to have a new OS on their Macs. At the same time those of you who also want to use Quicken need to access Nolo’s Online Will program. As you already figured out, this online program offers multiple options. I am speaking here about offering beneficiaries and guardians for children and also some other legal distinctions that would be in a normal will. Also keep in mind that this online version is also comparable to the software price.

At the same time the usage of Quicken’s Willmaker app is limited for Mac usage, the people from Intuit do produce a few other programs compatible with this OS. For example there is the Quicken Essentials for Mac, a program that allows Mac users to always keep track of personal expenses. This will allow a person to always know what their personal incoming paychecks are and also some other bookkeeping tasks.

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