4 Main Reasons Why To Root HTC EVO Using Unrevoked


4 Main Reasons Why To Root HTC EVO Using Unrevoked

The operating system that came with the HTC EVO smartphone has an access level that will not allow you to make any changes. In order to be able to make many different modifications or even to replace the EVO’s operating system, the user must have an administrative level account. It can be provided by a process that is called rooting. There are a few methods created by the developer that are conceived to help the user attain root process on its phone. Besides the access that you will have to the Android operating system of the device, you will be also able to use root-only applications, to replace the EVO’s kernel and even to install unofficial updates.

For HTC phones as the EVO HTC you may use the Unrevoked rooting method that is designed especially for that kind. It is known as the one-click rooting process and it provides root access to your operating system. Also, it will add a custom recovery image to your EVO. At the same time, after flashing Unrevoked to the phone, you will notice that the Android’s internal memory and the system files will be also accessible. The EVO is using the bootloader on the phone during the process of installation and HBOOT drivers in order to provide USB support. The new image will be flashed on your phone after you will install the drivers and run the Unrevoked software on the computer.

The rooting can be also made on the HTC EVO manually. It will be possible using an image file that is designed especially for that phone. The Android Debug Bridge, known also as the ADB is part of the Android Software Development Kit that is also known as the SDK and is installed on your computer. On your computer, that ADB part of the kit runs through the terminal or the command prompt. The image file that you choose will be pushed to your EVO by the ADB and will execute the commands to flash it to the phone. The method of flashing the HTC EVO is advised to be use only by the ones that are comfortable to working with a command prompt.

Simple Root and rooting applications designed for the Android phones are other one-click solutions. They are similar to the Unrevoked are using either some applications that are installed on EVO in order to push the root or the root will be applied through your computer. A new recovery image will be also installed while using those rooting applications and you will be able to flash very easily new updates to your device.

If you will need the warranty service on your phone you will have to revert the rooting process because typically it is not covered under any manufacturer warranty. The changes on your phone operating system will embarrass your wireless service provider to assist you in any problem you might have. Also, you have to know that your phone might become inoperable if the manual root will be made incorrectly or you will lose power. After such a brick there are both possibilities to return the phone to factory settings and also not be able to do that.

To make an overall look over the situation I have to say that rooting this smartphone is just the thing every user that desires a full access on his handset needs. We are offered through a simple process a “God” mode that handled carefully could prove critical in some situations. That being said I leave you with your devices and with all the benefits of a fast and easy to make rooting process.

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