How To Solve Android OS Rebooting Issues


How To Solve Android OS Rebooting Issues

There are some factors that may lead to a self reboot of your Android. A faulty SD card, some hard issues and also a recently installed application may be the cause of that problem. In order to avoid the issues that may occur with your phone because of the rebooting, test different solutions that may help you to stabilize the device. But if all else fails, try to fix the issue through a hard reset.

Your Android device force reboot means that it shuts down suddenly. You will notice that the device shortly freezes before rebooting but it is also possible that the shut down to be produced without warning. When it happens, first your Android powers down completely and then restarts. Depending of the speed of your device, the process may take a few seconds or even a few minutes. If you haven’t saved some messages you will lose them, as well as all the files you were working on before that unpleasant process.

Your Android device will be force reboot because of several issues. Take for example an application that was recently installed and it doesn’t work properly with your handset. It may lead to several rebooting attempts. Also, the Android’s operating system may have a fatal error that is causing the reboot. Some hardware problems can also lead to that issue. Also a low battery or a faulty SD memory card may embarrass your device to work properly.

In order to solve the rebooting issue start by uninstalling any application you have recently downloaded. Access the settings options on your handset to uninstall the applications and after the process is completed, restart the device. If you have an outdated version of Android operating system it might cause instability between your handset and any applications or settings you have installed. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Android operating system in order to avoid that issue. Removing the SD card from the device will make sure that the reboot isn’t caused by an external problem.

To stop the device from rebooting, perform a hard reset but consider also that it has some consequences. If you have any customization, data and applications that are not backed up through your Google account you will lose it when hard resetting the device. This happens because the operating system will return to the factory settings. Press a small tool into the reset hole that is located on the bottom of the device. First, I advise you to read the instructions manual in order to make sure that the process will be successfully completed.

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