How To Create Portable Apps For OS X


How To Create Portable Apps For OS X

OS X portable applications are those that enable the Mac users to move the applications from a device to another. It will be possible through any portable storage unit as a memory card, a USB flash drive or an iPod. It’s possible that highly encrypted passwords and also large amounts of data to be not easy to convert. The Mac users will find many portable applications on free software sites.

The first step is to use the disk utility tool in order to create an OS X portable application from the new Lion or a Snow Leopard installation disk. Open the DVD drive and insert the installation disk and after that, search a free USB port and place the USB hard drive. If you want to use also a portable storage, too, choose an external Firewire to do it.

To make a DMG file of the OS X installation disk, use the Disk Utility. The next step is to save as the new Lion installation DVD or the Snow Leopard one and then to save to the desktop by creating a “New Image”. It will ease the access by displaying on the desktop. The external Firewire and the available USB flash drive must be empty because you will lose all the stored content from it during the rebooting. So, make sure that they are empty before starting the process. Select the portable storage unit and launch Disk Utility in order to start the transfer. While the OS X portable application is installed, select the wanted hard drive or flash drive to boot.

Then, choose “Partition” from the options menu and after that, select the “Options”. Search the “Guid Partition Table” option and then click “Ok”. It will start the process, any stored content will be deleted and the drive will be reformatted. A new step will be to restore the New Image of the Snow Leopard Installation DVD on that new formatted device.

In order to transfer any other software from an installation DVD, use the Disk Utility tool or create a “New Image” that you will automatically save to the desktop. If you want to make your favorite applications portable start by making the partition, then reboot and restore on a new portable storage unit any OS X application.

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