How To Eject A Stuck DVD In Your Apple MacMini


How To Eject A Stuck DVD In Your Apple MacMini

Just a few days ago I was at my friends place and while he was browsing the web on his Apple MacMini laptop he asked me if I can reinstall the OS on his device. Because it happened to have a copy of the OS X at home and I was living very close I said: sure why not. That being said I went home, got the copy and returned to his house to begin the installation. All went well until the end when I’ve tried to eject the DVD. And although this is a normal action for me it was a real challenge. After some restarts and a few curses everything went OK according to the plan. But then I realized I could create a tutorial about how and the reasons why a DVD doesn’t eject on a MacMini device.

From the start you should know that there are several reasons way a DVD gets stuck in your MacMini. It can begin with silly things like having a heavy object on the computer and end with having some applications running from the DVD at the time you are trying to eject the media. But by following some certain steps and learning a few things this will not present a problem anymore. Let’s see a few solutions:

I will begin with the removing of objects that are sitting on the top of the MacMini. From the start I can tell you that placing different objects on your MacMini is a big no from my point of view. I mean just imagine having a glass full of a liquid spilling inside your device. In order to be sure the DVD ejects start removing all the heavy objects placed above the MacMini. This is a very common reason because the weight of the object can cause the DVD to stick inside the machine and not allow the DVD disc to be ejected.

Now another very common reason why a DVD is not existing is because there are still applications running on the disk at the time of the eject operation. After you are sure all the apps are closed and there are none running at that moment press the media eject key located on your Apple keyboard. If you don’t own and Apple keyboard don’t worry! This is because in general F12 is the default key on other peripherals. But make sure to consult the documentation that came with your keyboard to make sure.

If by now you have tried everything mentioned above and things are still on a down sloop for you there are other methods. Go and open a Finder windows and from there click on the Eject button. This is located on the right of your DVD’s icon in that window. If this doesn’t work either make a drag and drop of the icon of the DVD into the Trash. This is an action that normally ejects the disc inside the MacMini.

There is always the option of restarting the system (this was the solution on my case). If you are still having problems and the darn DVD still doesn’t want to exit the case restarting the device could be the right solution to do. This is done by holding down the eject key on your keyboard. Another option would be holding down your mouse button but that in general isn’t a proper solution.

If none of the mentioned above solutions aren’t your thing then as a last result you should contact the AppleCare service. At this step you either need to set up an appointment for the repair at a local Apple store or find where a certified Apple service provider is in your area. If you attempt to open up the MacMini case and remove the DVD drive to eject the disc, you will void your warranty.

For me it doesn’t generally reach this final point but in the worst case scenario this is the thing to do. And keep in mind that in all my years of experience this blocking of DVDs inside the device happened once or twice so don’t worry too much. But for that one or twice case it is a good idea to know how to handle and solve such a situation.

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