How To Solve Skype SMS Sending Issues


How To Solve Skype SMS Sending Issues

Skype is a program that helps people to chat online and, beside that purpose, it allows to make video calls and voice calls to other Skype users. If having a subscription of available funds you will be able to make also calls to cellphones and landlines. Another feature that it puts at the service of its users is Skype SMSs that will help you to send a quick message. That way you will avoid to be caught up in a phone call. But there are some factors that may block the delivery of your SMS.

A first issue is the fact that Skype is not very clear about the messages that don’t succeed to be sent. There are some cases when the message isn’t sent and you receive a “failed” notification and you are asked to “try again”. On the other hand, sometimes you will successfully send an SMS but the reply will never come. When you will ask the recipient about it, he may say that the SMS wasn’t received. The issues that are causing all these problems are very easy to solve and that is the reason why you shouldn’t panic.

Most of Skype’s services are free. But there are others that require a payment and you will need some funds. For example, chatting with other Skype users or making calls to other Skype numbers is totally free, but if you will want to send an SMS you need to have funds in your account. The cost of an SMS sent via Skype within the United States is $0.112. In order to add credit to your Skype account if you don’t have any already, click “Skype” and then select “Buy Skype Credit”. After you have followed the prompts and the credit was added to your account, start sending SMS again.

You will notice that sometimes your Skype account is even suspended or blocked and all of that not necessarily implies that you have done anything wrong. That protective measure is a typical one, which has the purpose to prevent someone else to use your account in an abusive way, without your consent or knowledge. If you will try to send an SMS while the account is suspended, you will receive a “SMS failed, try again” message but with no further specification of the issue. If this occurs, try to make a call to a cellphone or a landline. While trying to make a call, Skype will inform you that the account is blocked, if that’s the case. In order to solve the issue try to send an email that reports the problem, using Skype’s support system. It will help to include also information regarding the payment method you used for the account and then check the list with the necessary details that you will find on Skype at the page “Why Is My Account Suspended?”

Another detail that may explain why the recipient hasn’t received the SMS even if it was sent without any problem may be that the number you have entered is not the correct one. So double-check it and make sure you have typed correctly the cellphone when you added it as a Skype contact. If the message has gone to someone else, that recipient most likely has been unable to reply and to announce that you have a wrong number. That is because Skype hasn’t a directly response to an SMS feature.

Skype has also a feature that gives you the possibility to purchase an online number. It will allow you to receive calls on your account directly from landlines and cellphones. But you will not receive response to your SMS texts on the Skype account and for keeping in touch with friends and to get a feedback to a message, use an alternative method.

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