How To Avoid X3 Player Scam On PC And Mac


How To Avoid X3 Player Scam On PC And Mac

There are some video files that are asking the user to install X3 Player on their Mac or PC to play. It is a scam and it is not advised to download X3 Player from any website. It means that the file is a fake one and you haven’t downloaded what you wanted. If you will install the X3 Player scam it will fulfill your system with malware and will charge some money also.

Any user must know that the X3 Player brings only spyware and malware on your system. It is presented on the website as being able to play a kind of video file. Also you will find a description of its controls and it promises to feature a high-video quality. At the same time, in order to persuade you to download and use that program, the website has posted user testimonials as well. If the effort made to convince you is a success, the site will ask your credit or debit card information, will take the money and will give in return a piece of software that infects you hard drive.

Another way that the creators of the X3 Player scam are using, in order to persuade users to download it, is by using torrent websites in order to release phony video files. Those files will automatically require X3 Player in order to play.  Also notice they are made in such way that they appear literary like the movies and videos they are labeled as. That is possible because of the appropriate size that helps them to appear that way. It is advised for you to know that a file which asks you to download something to play needs to be immediately removed from your computer.

Our advice is for you to never give any credit card information to a website that you don’t trust. There are some viruses, malware and scams that can steal the username and password that you use to access your accounts on different websites, like Facebook for example. In worse situation even your email address could be a target. But, by giving X3 Player access to your credit card information you are taking a great chance. Besides the $9.95 download fee for the program you are also providing the possibility of making future charges to your card. That means the X3 Player is more dangerous than other scams.

The PCs are the main targets that are vulnerable at X3 Player virus and malware. But when it comes to Macs and the Linux Machines you are safe for the time being. That is the reason why this is available to download only for the PC. But you may still encounter some videos that are phony and are asking you to download the program. The solution to avoid any issue is to immediately delete it.

In conclusion I strongly advise all the users not to pay any money and to not fell the X3 Player scam that is on the web for some time now.

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