4 General Types Of Computer Internet Telecommunication


4 General Types Of Computer Internet Telecommunication

The days when you were referring to communication like a process of two or more people standing face to face and talking are long gone. In the computer era and mainly because of the internet and the fact that everyone has access to it the communication process has traveled a long way. In the medieval era there was a pigeon sending messages while now the process is as simple as pushing a small button on the mouse or keyboard.

When referring to the term of computer telecommunication you are referring to any computer method in which people are communicating over a long distance. And like I said earlier with the advent of the Internet that has caused a revolution in computer telecommunications you are now allowed to various ways of transmitting different types of information to users all over the world at little or no cost. Among all various forms of computer telecommunication we should remember the most common used: email, instant messaging, video chat, Voice over Internet Protocol services and last but not least coming with a strong push are the social networking websites. Let’s speak about each of them and what benefits they present to a normal consumer.

We begin with the email and instant messaging method. If I am not mistaken and pretty sure I don’t email and instant messaging the oldest types of communication through a computer. At the beginning of this method you were allowed to send only text information. With the passing of time and more advanced technology involved other things like images, audio files and other types of information were enabled. We have reached a point where even larger files like video could be sent from a user to another. But the limitations when it comes to sizes are still there in most general cases. On the other hand there is the instant messaging, a way that allows you to have quick back-and-forth exchanges with other users. Although its main purpose is to have a simple and pleasant chat there is also the possibility of exchanging files big and small, this way being less restrictive when it comes to size. From this category we could remember options offered by Yahoo! And Google through they email platforms and applications that allow chatting.

Moving further there is the video chat option. This is a simple way to communicate with other users face to face. It is obvious why this is considered an upgrade to the classical chatting. Like instant messaging, the exchange takes place in real time. On the other hand the amount of information transferred per second is greatly increased. This is why it is sometimes a bad option for not so powerful computers and also when the Internet speed is limited. As a general rule you are required to have a video camera and also an internet connection of at least 1 GB/s. In the computer technical department the minimum system requirements involve a 1 GHz processor and also around 1 GB of RAM. There are numerous applications that offer this chat option. From all of them I would remember applications like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger.

When there is no camera involved and all you do is talk to another person you are using a voice over internet protocol. This is the technical term of voice calls. In this case you are having the same experience as a normal phone call, the only difference being the fact that you make the phone call from your computer. The exchange of information is made through a microphone, speakers and also an internet connection. For the lucky of you who own mobile computers VoIP services can be in fact an attractive alternative to a cellphone. This is mainly because of the free of charge aspect. From this category of products I think Skype is the most well known and offers the most features on the market.

And now we move to the phenomenon that has become in the recent decade social networks. You can find in a single service all the mentioned above methods of communication and even more. It is a general rule that you are allowed to have allows access to multiple communication technologies from a very friendly user interface. I am speaking here about things like email, instant messaging, video chat and various bulletin boards. These bulletin boards are the ones special to social networks. This is the place where a user can post text, photos or previously recorded videos in order for other friends and partners to see them and comment on them. As a general rule these services can be access elsewhere this is the place where all meat. You are able to contact other users at the second they log in on a multi platform matter. In this department the possibilities are sometimes endless. The most common services used are Facebook, Digg, Twitter and coming from Google is a product that many think could become the king of social networks: Google+. If this is so and Google+ manages to take Facebook’s place only time knows and will show.

In conclusion, communication was and is an essential definition of us human beings. We are not sure what future technologies prepare for us but I am sure in the communication department things will evolve. I am sure this is just a wonderful beginning and can’t wait to see and hear more!

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