How To Watch YouTube Videos Through T-Mobile iPhone Internet Services


How To Watch YouTube Videos Through T-Mobile iPhone Internet Services

YouTube is a social video website that uses Adobe Flash technology in order to stream content. That way you are able to view the videos to your computer. But you will not be able to use the Flash technology on the iPhone because they are not compatible. In order to view the videos on your device, use the built-in application that YouTube has as alternative. There are some conditions that an iPhone provided by T-Mobile should accomplish to use YouTube.

Launch the YouTube application by tipping the icon on the T-Mobile iPhone Home screen. You will notice a portal on this application that guides you through the YouTube’s website. It allows you to search and to play videos on your device’s screen. To see on your iPhone the videos that usually are played on the computer you will need that application. The relevant video is loaded when you tap a link from an embedded YouTube video, and the application automatically opens.

In order to stream high quality YouTube videos on your device you need to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. The application is built into the operating system firmware of the device and it requires an internet connection. If you are interested to play many YouTube keep in mind the T-Mobile contract that has a limit cellular data every month. In order to avoid the contract issue and to see more and more videos, watch over the Wi-Fi connection we spoke earlier.

If using the Safari browser you may still visit the YouTube website, even when viewing stream videos on the iPhone. The mobile application will be automatically loaded, at the moment when you navigate the YouTube website using the T-Mobile iPhone. Even if using the 3G cellular networks, when typing the “HQ” button, YouTube will stream a high quality version of the needed video if there’s one available. But you must know that the improved quality of the video will use additional data from the contract of your T-Mobile.

Cellphones provided by T-Mobile such as many others carriers include access to public Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to it you will be able to log in while you are in a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop or in most other public place. Stream YouTube videos to the device not before you have checked if Wi-Fi access is included in your iPhone contract. Your cellular data allowance will not be used while using that fast internet connection and it will be streaming high quality YouTube videos.

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