Four Best Multiplatform Ways To Chat With Yahoo! Buddies


Four Best Multiplatform Ways To Chat With Yahoo! Buddies

Yahoo helps you keep in touch with the people on your Yahoo chat list, giving the possibility to talk instantly with anyone. Starting 2011 it puts at hand four different chat programs in order to please the needs of the users. That way, people will have to choose between a desktop program, a web-based and a mobile application version. Also, to keep in touch with people on the Yahoo friends list, try to use third-party applications.

Yahoo chat program is a desktop chat client offered by Yahoo that you have to know that it is also freeware. That specific program offers some features that you might value. One first feature that we have to mention is that you will be able to join Yahoo chat rooms. Another one is that using the chat room you may send pictures to other Yahoo users. Also, a great feature is that you will be able to place free PC-to-PC phone calls and for a fee, to place PC to phone line calls. A great aspect is that both Windows and Mac are supporting that desktop program. The difference is that the Mac users would not be able to use the photo-sharing option.

If you want to send messages to the people that are on your friends list, consider to use the web-based chat. That version will allow you to send messages but you will not be able to place calls or to send photos. The desktop version of the chat software is more complete than the web-based one. When you chat with your Yahoo contacts using that second version, the conversation will take place through a pop-up browser window.

If owning an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone you should know that Yahoo has a mobile application for chatting. So, if you want to send a message or to share some photos to someone that is on your contact list, take notice that the iPhone application supports standard chatting. But, it doesn’t allow you to access Yahoo chat rooms. The Android application allows people to use basic chat, the text message feature and also it supports users to place voice and video calls. A great aspect is that both Android and iPhone applications are freeware starting 2011.

Other messenger services as AOL, AIM, or MSN Messenger may be linked to your Yahoo chat grace to one third-party application. Take for example Trilian that allows you to link into one program several chat clients, including Yahoo ones. It offers also a freeware and a Pro desktop program starting 2011. Another example is that you will be able to add your Yahoo contacts to your Google Talk chat list, which works through a Gmail account.

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