How To Recover And Reset Your Hotmail Password


How To Recover And Reset Your Hotmail Password

With all the mail alternatives out there sometimes it is hard to chose the right one. With email services coming from Yahoo! and Google it is hard sometimes to think of other possibilities. From the start I can tell you that all are good and at the same time all have flows. But also I can assure you that in most cases the bugs and issues start from a simple bad understanding or lack of knowledge from the users.

Today we will focus on the Hotmail client and some of the bugs that could appear when trying to reset the password. In general the user will be faced with issues involving not successfully entering the answer to your security question. But we are in luck because there are a few options available that let you rest your account if the password becomes a headache for you. And this can be a real challenge especially if you are not able to pass the security question.

1st of all let’s take a look at the password recovery process. Like all good email clients Hotmail also offers the possibility of a password reset if you put the wrong letters in it or you just forgot it. If you manage to pass the reset option the option of inserting a new password will appear to you and also the access to your account will be granted. But because the email platform has some security steps needed to be passed the process could be more difficult than it sounds. The security is so tight that even when having access to your account there are a few security steps that you need to make in order to change the password. These features although annoying at a 1st look are made in order to create an improved and a more secure email environment.

The password recovery can be made even from your mobile device. If for example you manage to put your phone number in the Hotmail registration process there could be a rest code sent to that number. In general the reset message is send via a SMS. From there the process is pretty straight forward and all you need to do is enter the code in the right field. After that, a forward will be done in which you will be required a 2nd password for future logins in your Hotmail account. The disadvantage to this option is that if you don’t have any access to that phone number you cannot use this method anymore. That is why I always encourage people to make accounts and insert phone numbers that they are sure will be there for a long time.

Now let’s explain a few things about the security question. 1st of all let’s see what is this and when you are required to have one. At the beginning when you created your Hotmail account there was a field requiring a security question to be chosen. If there aren’t any other methods of resetting the password this is by far the most easy and fast to do. Notice that at a point the question you need to answer is displayed. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of times where you can insert the wrong answer. Also if you didn’t put the right letters or numbers in all those tries the account will be locked for 24 hours. If there is no way to remember the right answer I can tell you from the start the options with which you can retrieve the password are limited. That is why every time I create an account on a site that involves emails I always remember to put the right security question and also to provide with an answer that fits best my needs.

As a last resort there is always the customer support. This should be accessed only if all the mentioned above options are of no use to you. But keep in mind that accessing the customer support will also require from you to prove as much as possible info about your account. There are some cases where if you didn’t provide with enough info and they consider you are a suspicious user who is trying to access another account, no help will be granted. When I am speaking about information I am meaning things like personal information, old passwords and the subject lines of any emails you recently sent. In some cases there could be even billing information linked to your Hotmail account. If you are able to provide the right credit or debit card information this will greatly increase your chances of recovering what is yours.

When a person creates an email account it also creates a virtual address where friends and partners could virtually stay in contact with you. That is why I consider forgetting passwords or usernames of your email accounts is like forgetting the place where you sleep. Put the right effort into creating legit accounts with correct information. So, you avoid this entire headache created by recovering things that are rightfully your.

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