How To Access Android Market With Barnes & Noble Nook Color


How To Access Android Market With Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Although I consider the products coming from Barnes & Noble among the best there are some things that could prove very annoying sometimes. Like for example when having a Barnes & Noble Nook Color and when wanting to access the Android Market you will hit a wall. And this is done mainly because of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color operating system, a system that doesn’t allow the user to access a market build for Android devices.

But you are in luck because for some time now you are also able to run on this device the Android HoneyComb tablet operating system. I think there is no need to say this is the way to download things from the market. The boot protocol on HoneyComb requires you to sign in to or create a Google Account. That means you will automatically register with your device to Android Market. Here are the steps needed to be followed in order to get all you nice apps and games free of charge:

  1. You begin by inserting your Nook Color’s SD card in your computer’s SD card slot. Also be sure you are mounting your storage device.

  2. 2nd of all open any browser that you consider is fitting your needs. In there, in the address field type In most cases the file will automatically download. I recommend to be saved on the desktop in order to be easy to found later.

  3. Now simply navigate to and click on the In there simply run the file when prompted by the popup windows. If everything is done properly a disk imager application window appears.

  4. Notice there is a folder icon. Click on that in the disk imager windows and from all the options chose the HoneyComb virtual image you downloaded. Make a save on the desktop and then click on the “Ok” button.

  5. Make a selection of your SD card in the menu and then click on the “Write” option. As you already probably guessed this will begin writing the HoneyComb virtual image to your SD card.

  6. After the process is complete remove the SD card from your computer. Now be sure to turn off your NookColor 1st and then insert the SD card inside it.

  7. Now turn it back and wait a few seconds until the new OS loads. You should notice the changes right from the beginning and also all the benefits offered by Android HoneyComb OS.

  8. Last but not least tap on the Android icon and login with the right username and password in the corresponding text fields. This will allow you to access with your NookColor the applications and games from Android Market.

Here are a few things that you might find useful. Like for example if there is no Google Account that you can access there is the option to create one right from the new operating system. Tap on the Android icon and then tap on “Create New”. In all the fields insert the right information and then tap on the “Ok” button. Also keep in mind that making major modifications inside any device is in most cases a violation of the warranty. But that is another story.

For now make sure you enjoy all the apps and possibilities offered by Android Market and try not to spend too much time there. Remember there are hundreds of apps appearing every day.

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