How To Tear Appart An Apple MacBook


How To Tear Appart An Apple MacBook

There are a few things about Apple products and especially about Apple MacBook Pro that I really love. One of them is the simplicity of things in every department starting with the software and finishing with hardware. I don’t say we are not facing a very complex system inside, I am just saying if somebody would wish to take piece by piece it will find out that it is very easy. Among other components you will find inside there are a 320 GB ATA hard drive and 4 GB of SD RAM.

All that a user needs to do is have some patience and an eye for details. And this applies especially at the keyboard part which has 58 screws securing it to the upper case. Coming from Apple there are replacing keyboards, a good option in my opinion. But who says you can’t repair yourself this component. Let’s see the steps needed to be follow in order to accomplish this goal:

  1. You start by placing a soft, lint-free cloth on the work surface. Be sure that at all time your MacBook is unplugged. Position it upside down on the cloth and be ready for action.

  2. The 1st piece removed is the battery cover that comes out very easy. All you need to remove are the screws located at the top of the hard drive in order to set free the bracket.

  3. Start unscrewing the four Torx T-6 screws that also keep in place the hard drive. Also there are around eight screws along the underside perimeter of the MacBook Pro. These have the job to secure and hold the bottom plate of the uppercase.

  4. Now locate the two DIMM chips. Remove those two by pressing the two retaining levers to the left and right. Be sure to disconnect the power and SSD connectors that are making the connection between the optical drive and other components.

  5. There are three screws holding the Superdrive in place. Also remove along the two connectors that are also holding the fan blades.

  6. Also there are three 3.1 mm Phillips screws and also three 3.7 mm Phillips screws with the purpose to hold the housing in place. Remove all these six screws in order to get down those two cooling fans.

  7. There are some ribbon cables making a connection to the logical board. Disconnect them and also remove those 11 screws that are holding the logical board to the upper shell. This is the step where you remove the logical board to.

  8. Now notice those 6 mm T-6 Torx screws that are holding the display in the right place. These are placed in two groups that have around three proximal to the hinge.

  9. Start removing the lower bazel from the display assembly. Also be sure to remove the antenna connector. Now disconnect the data cable and also remove those two screws that hold in place the Airport card.

  10. Last but not least pull always the keyboard cover. There are around 58 #000 Phillips screws that are securing the keyboard that also need to be removed. If you have hard time finding two screws know these are located on the power button.

And that is about all to it. Know you don’t need to actually replace the keyboard with a new one because you can try and repair it. This how to tutorial can be very useful even for other components because most of the computer parts are taken apart. That being said I leave you with all those screws and be sure to not lose them. This always happens to me!

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