How To Mute And Change Apple Macintosh Laptop System Startup Sound


How To Mute And Change Apple Macintosh Laptop System Startup Sound

Just after finishing about Apple MacBook and how to take it apart I stumbled upon another great tutorial that I need to share with you. And this time it involves the startup sound you normally hear on an Apple Macintosh laptop. The main difference between Windows computers and Apple ones involving this aspect is the fact there are no preexisting menus having setting in order to customize the startup chime.

This happens mainly because Apple computers don’t have the option that lets users to change the sound without installing appropriate software. But luckily for you there is a free and downloadable add-on that offers all Mac users some preferences settings that facilitate this problem. Although you won’t be able to actually change the sound to a custom tone there are some option available like: changing the volume and even preventing obnoxiously loud startup noises if you keep your speakers at a normal or high volume. Here are the few steps in order to get these settings enabled:

  1. 1st of all you need the right software. I am speaking here about the StartupSound.prefPane software. You can get it by visiting CNet, MacUpdate, Softpedia or Freeware OS X. any of these sites should have it somewhere.

  2. Make a search on them for “StartupSound.prefPane” and wait for the results. This is how you will find this third party add-on that is also responsible for handling the sound settings.

  3. Now make a double click on the compressed folder that you have downloaded from one of the Cnet, MacUpdate, Softpedia or Freeware OS X sites.

  4. Inside the folder among other files there is a disc image. Double click it in order to get a new window to appear. Inside there is a file named “StartupSoundPrefPane.pkg”.

  5. Make another double click on the “StartupSoundPrefPane.pkg” file. This action will finally initialize the program installation. There are a few on screen steps that you need to follow in order to get the app installed.

  6. Now go to your Mac “System Preferences” menu located in the main menu bar. There will be a new option entitled “Startup Sound” appearing the menu.

  7. In order to start the program you need to click on the “Startup Sound”. There is the option to tweak the settings for your laptop’s startup chime with a simple select or deselect of “Turn on startup volume control” checkbox. Also notice the slider that if you drag you also adjust the volume.

  8. Now simply exit the “Startup Sound” window. Be sure to finish all the desired changes in the chime of the volume settings.

There are a few things that I consider important for you to know. 1st of all if for some reason you wish to quickly mute the system volume right before the chime starts to play just hold down the laptop’s “Mute” button during startup. There is a little difference between this classic method and StartupSound.prefPane. This manual control method is very effective especially because it mutes the entire system and not only the startup sound.

Another option would be by simply purchasing an audio minijack cable that you need to plug in the headphone port. This action will silence the chime upon every startup. For me the method described in the steps above was the most useful mainly because the ability to control this environment. And it is also free, easy to use and downloadable from numerous places. That being said I let you all with you soundless Apple products and whish you the best.

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