How To Use “Signal Boost” On Twitter


How To Use “Signal Boost” On Twitter

Although I am not a big Twitter fan or user I know a thing or two about this social network. Numerous times I have heard about the Signal Boost expressions and was intrigued to find out what it is and how it can benefit a normal user. After some searching and a lot of Google collaboration I managed to get the info I needed and decided to share it with you.

In general when using the phrase “signal boost” you might think of different devices that are somehow receiving an improved signal with some sort of method. Well for Twitter this has a different meaning. When you see a signal boost in a tweet or a status update on a social networking site this is the main indication that the person who wrote that info wants his readers to have a raised awareness toward that subject. Although this technology is not exclusive to Twitter and its followers, this might be the perfect place to start a signal boost on a certain subject.

1st of all let’s understand what is the purpose of a signal boost. In general when sending a signal boost you are trying to mark that subject and place it in the spotlight. With other words you want people to notice what’s going on and react accordingly. If you also add the phrase “Signal Boost” is a bit between a plea and a warning. With this little message you are telling people that they are following a tweet with an agenda to gain social momentum. And this happens regardless if it is a sale or a protest.

But like I said earlier this is not exclusive to Twitter. Then the question appears: why should you use it on this social network?! Well mainly because Twitter is a worldwide communication method that connects together different cultures and different brands of smartphone, but they’re all on the same website and looking to relate. When starting a tweet with the purpose of boosting its social signal, you can spread it to your followers directly via your feed. And to make things better, beyond that feed you can also spread it across the whole of Twitter with the use of hashtags. That mean every person that has those hashtags on monitoring will also see your feed immediately. And also as a bonus to this, think only how easy it is to retweet something and forward spread your message. This means you are having a perfect medium for sending a solid message quickly.

Now that we understand this, let’s see what other alternatives there are at the moment. If let’s say the terminology of “Signal Boost” is not on your like list or even if the room space where you want to tweet isn’t enough there is no need to actually include it. I am speaking here about the fact that the addition of “signal boost” is by no means mandatory. It all depends on how strong your message really is. If it is a very strong on your followers will catch on and share it all over their friends. Other options would be to include some sort of indicator, a message in which you show you are trying to spread the word. Most of Twitter users already know some abbreviations and use them on a general note. Like for example when wanting to write something like “Please Retweet” simple symbols like “Plz RT” or “Pls RT” are a common thing and will be understood by most of users.

There is a bad side to all of this and this is the spam. This is a very thin barrier that many people cross without even knowing. While the act of retweeting a message or sharing a link more than once is in no way spam, especially not on Twitter, you should be careful to rein in how you use your Twitter account to spread a message. The risk appears especially when readers and followers are starting to consider that a message was to intensely repeated. This action could mean they will unfollow your account and in the worst cases even blocking and reporting you for spam. I don’t think I have to tell you how bad that is and especially because you are trying to do exactly the opposite of this action.

That being said, be sure to tweet this article and also be careful to not ban it. Helps me and you at the same time to be always on follow!

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