How To Watch DVD Movies On LG Dare VX9700


How To Watch DVD Movies On LG Dare VX9700

I always loved products from LG, maybe just because although they are not so known as those from Apple or Samsung they still manage to fill their duties with “pride”. Today we will speak about the LG Dare VX9700 and its ability to handle DVDs. This happens mainly because the device has a many features, features that can be exploited by the people with the right knowledge. As most of you who own the device know, it has a built-in video player capable of displaying 3G2-, 3GP- and MP4-formatted content but no DVD decoder. That means there is no way to hook up a DVD player to your Dare and watch a video. The Dare is also incapable of streaming DVD content – either wirelessly or over USB – from a computer.

So what the solution would be? Well of course ripping the DVD on your computer in a format that is understood by Dare. After the transformation is complete just transfer the data to your external memory and then start enjoying the movie. It doesn’t sound to hard so let’s see the steps needed for achieving this goal.

  1. We start by purchasing and installing a DVD ripping software. As you probably noticed most DVD rippers also offer a trail period. This is maybe something that won’t oblige you to purchase it if you only need one movie transformed.

  2. Launch the DVD ripping software and start converting your DVD that you normally watch on your computer or DVD player. Depending on the software of your chosen the process and the time will depend. Also according to your computer details this period can stand anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Also I recommend using the MP4 format because I don’t think your chosen software has the ability to rip to 3G2 or 3GP.

  3. Because the new formatted movie will require some additional space you will need a microSD memory card. After getting one just insert it into your external memory card slot of your Dare. Also it is a good idea to know that Dare’s internal memory isn’t big enough to be able to store big files like DVD converted movies.

  4. Now connect your phone to your PC with the use of its USB data cable. When a message appears where you are required to sync the devices press yes. The Dare will now appear as a drive on your computer.

  5. With a simple drag and drop put the MP4 file in the Dare drive. After the transfer is complete, disconnect your Dare from your PC. You will now be able to view the MP4-formatted DVD on your Dare.

One thing that I consider extremely important is to always be sure that before connecting your Dare to your PC you are positive that the LG USB Modem Driver included on a disc with your Dare is installed. Also you can extend this tutorial to any type of video format that is not currently supported by this phone and convert it with the use of different conversion software.

That being said enjoy your movies on your LG Dare VX9700 device and always try to have as much storage space as possible. There is never enough storage space as you probably discovered.

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