Why You Should Root Your HTC EVO 4G Running On Android 2.2 Froyo


Why You Should Root Your HTC EVO 4G Running On Android 2.2 Froyo

The EVO smartphone is a device that has much functionality. Now, you have the possibility to root it in order to run Android 2.2. From that moment on you will enhance the numerous functionality of the device. In order to obtain full acces to the operating system, just consider performing the root process. Your EVO will be free of the restrictions that were put by the manufacturer or developer. Also, once the process is completed, you will be able to personalize the look of your phone and also to feel it of with all the functionality that couldn’t previously be installed.

As you might know, HTC EVO smartphone has a standard operating system which sometimes slows down the device. It happens when an application or other items are opened on your phone and because of that, the user has to wait a few seconds. To open faster all applications and also the widgets you have to install a new operating system, but only after the rooting process is completed. It will ease the access at the available memory grace to the processor that will function faster. That way you will be able to use all the available memory from your smart phone more efficiently.

Also, you will have access to extra widgets and applications. The standard Android operating system is giving you access only to the applications that are on the Android market and is that one of the reasons that you might consider rooting your phone. Changing the standard operating system will allow you to access the applications and the widgets that usually aren’t available. Take for example the Work Email application that has the ability to provide an email interface that is similar to Microsoft Exchange. Another example is the SetCPU application that gives the possibility to overclock the CPU. So, don’t hesitate to use it if you are interested in this functionality.  If you are interested to control functions like GPS and Wi-Fi, it is advised to use the Power Control widget. Using that application you will be able to control also data synchronizing with a toggle button.

The rooting process will provide your EVO smart phone the access to a keyboard that is more user-friendly. Also, the keyboard keys will be easier to type on grace to the fact that they will be a little larger. On a standard keyboard, the keys are close together and that is the reason that leads to typos. A feature that a standard keyboard doesn’t have is the typing in landscape mode. That mode is available on the improved keyboard of your smart phone.

Besides all the great things that are coming once you have rooted your EVO smart phone, there are also risks that you need to be aware. You might have the unpleasant surprise that the applications are shutting down when they are in use. Also, they may have some issues and not function properly when operating. The phone may become unstable or even completely unusable if the rooting process will fail. That failure will take you to the point of recovering the phone’s original settings and only after that, to restart the process.

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