How To Handle Apple iPad Internet Signal Loss


How To Handle Apple iPad Internet Signal Loss

Although the iPad is considered by most the computer of tomorrow there are a few things that might bug some users. As all of you probably already know you can access the Internet with this device, check email and even use multiple Web-based applications. And this happens even if you are purchasing a 3G iPad that has a cellular data plan or if buying one for WiFi usage, as you normally use on any other computers.

But because all good things also have a bad end, this device could also be facing some connectivity and network issues. But lady luck smiles on you because most of these issues are easy to handle and to repair.

1st of all let’s talk a little about the two types of connection we could have. I am speaking about the 3G connection and the WiFi one. As you already probably know Apple sells two types of iPads: iPads with “3G” functionality that allows you to access the Internet using a subscription to a cellular data network, and those with only a Wi-Fi adapter. For this last one, the user needs to be connected to a wireless network. Regardless of the one you are using the experience is like no other. Take in consideration that in most cases if you don’t buy an iPad specifically designed for use with a 3G data plan you will pay probably more money. Also the only way to access Internet is through WiFi. In the 3G case, if encountering network problems I recommend 1st trying to connect to a nearby wireless network to see whether the problems continue. If this doesn’t solve the issue, than probably is something with the data provider. Simply call the person of contact and ask for more details.

There are times when the Internet can be accessed but the signal is too weak. This is a common issue and can be the symptom of multiple things. Whether you access the Internet in a public location like a coffee shop or library, or your home is built from materials like stone, through which wireless Internet signal has a hard time traveling. On the same story is the fact when the signal is weak you could be connected to the Internet periodically, but experience unexpected outages that interrupt your work at hand.

Even the location could be a problem sometimes. And when I say location I say that maybe you are just too far for the WiFi signal to reach your device. That’s why a steady connection could present to be a challenge. If for example you are connecting to Internet from your home stay as close to the rooter as you can. Many people think if they are just in reach of the Internet signal the data packages are sent the same way. This is something also known as leaching… well don’t try to be a lecher because I can assure you this isn’t a good thing. If you are standing near a coffee shop and you are just using the Internet…well that is wrong. Enter into the establishment and follow the steps necessary to use the Internet legitimately.

Last but not least, a main reason for Internet connection problems could be multiple networks. As you already seen, the iPad saves passwords for all networks to which you usually connect in. this is done in order to have a smoother connection next time and to not always stay and enter one password after another. But this all thing also offers a downside. Like for example when losing signal to the current connection, your device will try to connect to another one. But there will be a brief Internet signal lose that will make your applications to lag. Additionally, not all networks run at the same speed, so you may experience slower browsing on the secondary network.

If none of these examples fit your problem then you are facing more serious issues. That is why I strongly recommend the local iPad vendor and see what he can do. If you also have your warranty don’t worry too much. But whatever you do, don’t open it because very serious knowledge is required in order to repair these devices.

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