4 Important Aspects Of Google Gmail


4 Important Aspects Of Google Gmail

Although I don’t think it’s the case I will still explain what Gmail is (don’t really think there is a reader among you who didn’t heard or used Gmail at least once, but it’s better to be sure than sorry). Gmail is the Web-based email application available from Google, Inc. just the fact that we are talking about a Web-base application it means there will not be any installation required. Other important aspect is that Gmail is not related to any other Internet service provider, meaning you could use Gmail free regardless from where and how you get your Internet access.

I will now make a list about some of the most 4 important aspects every user should know about Gmail and the service provided by it.

1st there is the Account Creation. From all other processes that happen on Gmail, account creation is maybe the longest. But even this only takes a couple of minutes so don’t delay anything because of this. It doesn’t take that long. There are a few things required when registering like  the real name, a desired username that is unique for every Gmail account, password that needs to be as strong as possible and last but not least your birthday. Another important aspect when creating accounts on this email platform is the security question. After completing these fields your account will be created and also a verification email will be sent to you within a minute after completing the application. Please keep in mind that Gmail will not ask for any sensitive information and does not charge fees, even for unlimited usage. Talking about some good Google folksJ.

Now let’s talk about another important aspect, that being Mail Transfers. In general ordinary plain text messages only take a few seconds to deliver after you typed and sent them. On the other hand if you also include a file attachment there are a few factors that also influence the transfer time. The network connection is one and I think the most important. Also the size of the attachment is an important aspect that you can’t forget. All of this the bigger they are the more time the user will spend downloading the attachment on his computer. The fact that there are too many variables when establishing the speed of things it is almost impossible to determine the general opening of emails. Gmail will automatically scan files for viruses, but the scan is done inline, meaning that Gmail does not add any additional time to the transfer process.

Mail Forwarding is another thing we always have to take in consideration when choosing an email provider and platform. This is a message sending option that behaves exactly the same as it would when sending original messages. You can send an email to a person or even to a thousand and all this without changing any time it takes for the delivery. Now this is an important aspect for all of you mail spam lovers! And it doesn’t really matter if you have an attachment in that mail because the forwarding is done in the same way. Also you can forward an entire conversation or a collection of emails related by the subject of the mail. And all of this email forwarding action would happen in the same amount of time it generally takes a normal email to be sent or received.

Last but not least is the Importing Contacts function, a function that with more and more email platforms appearing these days becomes a must have for everyone and everywhere. Luckily for us Gmail has this function and it’s able to import contacts from other applications. They require that you make a CSV file save from the application you whish to import details. This is an extension that comes from Comma Separated Variable (or Value) which is a type of test file where each value is identified by a preceding comma. When talking about speed, this is another case that has many variables. The speed of your Internet is an important aspect, the length of the files themselves are another important factor and a few other. But keep in mind that although this cant be a very precise number we are speaking here about a few seconds tops. And this happens even for those big files with numerous contacts.

That being said, I consider Gmail to be one of the best email provider platforms on the market, having a potential to be the best. But that only depends on the people that handle it, Google!

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