How To Sync Android OS Smartphones To Apple Mac


How To Sync Android OS Smartphones To Apple Mac

If your needs or budget are limited, you might consider choosing a smartphone that is running Google’s Android operating system instead of an iPhone just because the last one is more expensive. You must know that Android has the same features as iPhone and that it has also the benefit of Google cloud backup. The simplest choice to make it seems to be iPhone because of its tight integration with the Macintosh.

The Google Sync is the underpinning of Android synchronization with the Macintosh. You must know that it is a free service and it came included with the Google account. The Android phone will be associated with it. The information stored in the handset will be updated through Google’s online service when using Android phones. The data on your phone will be synchronized with the data on the Macintosh using the storage space from the handset.

Search in your “Dock” or in your “Applications” folder and open the “Address Book” application. After you have open it, go to the “File” menu, choose the “Export” option and then select “Address Book Archive” in order to save that file into a chosen location in the “Documents” folder. All these processes will help you to keep your Address Book in case of a synchronization problem. After accessing the “Address Book” menu, click on the “Preferences” and choose the “Synchronize with Google” option. Then, click on the “Configure” button and type your Google username and password.

Google Calendars and your iCal calendars are not synchronized. It is advised to subscribe to your Google Calendars and work with them. Those that are stored locally on the Macintosh. Use the “Export” and “Import” options on the iCal in order to move all the events that are on your local calendars, to Google Calendars. And if you take in consideration to do that, follow the steps that are in Google’s and Apple’s documentation. Once taken those steps, the process will be accomplished.

Use both the computer and the phone to set up on the mail software. That way, you will be able to log into the same email server and to check all the messages that are stored or will be received. In order to add the email account access the mail application on the Android, access then the “Mail” menu and click on the “Preferences” option. Select then the “Accounts” icon and enter your Gmail user and password after clicking the “+” icon. All that needs to be fill in, will be done by the mail application. If will occur any problems and your messages will not automatically appear on both the computer and phone, check the Gmail’s support page, on the Mail section.

You should know that iTunes synchronizes better with an iPhone than to the Android phone. But, in order to accomplish the same thing you should use Google’s Music Service. Download and install the Mac software after you have signed up for Google Music. You will be able to stream the music to your Android phone over the 3G or 4G after that Google uploads it. Your collection of music will be available via streaming after the uploading process will be completed. On how fast or how slow the music will be uploaded it depends on your Mac’s Internet connection.

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