What Is A Fast Ping


What Is A Fast Ping

In the Internet era, we are surrounded by words like bandwidth, internet speed, ping and many other related phrases that are focusing on Internet and some of its features. In this article we will be focusing on the “ping” word and some of the related things that “fly” around it.

In general we could consider that the word “ping” has different and at the same time related meanings in the computing era. If you are a person that also has a computer in any kind of network, this is a word that could represent a common piece of software called “ping” that tests the speed of the connections to other computers. On the other hand if you would present this word to an online gamer the content is a little different. It applies in general to the speed a player connection has to the server of the game he is playing. But regardless of what you may think or speak, a faster ping is what everyone desires. Let’s take a more in-depth look on what ping could be.

By referring to itself ping is considered to be a very simple network tool that is a common use to all computers and operating systems. When we are talking about a computer that pings another, what it does is that it’s sending small packages of data through the network with some instructions. The package info is sent in such a way that it obligates the other computer that receives it to also send it back. By doing so two things are demonstrated: 1st of all it shows that the other computer is in reach and can be accessed over the network and 2nd it also shows how fast the machine is sending and receiving information. With other words it shows how fast the connection is between the two computers.

Speaking about how fast the connection is, let’s explain a little about the ping speed. The ping speed between two computers is the amount of time that elapses between the sending computer dispatching a ping message and it’s receiving an acknowledgment. In most cases a ping speed needs to be around a couple of milliseconds. If you are encountering pings of more than 1 second, and especially if this happens in a local network check out for problems.

And what would the internet be without online gaming. This is another sector where the ping word plays a big role. In online gaming, we are facing an environment where data are constantly being exchanged between numerous players and a central server that handles the information. I think it is obvious why an ability to receive this data quickly is an essential factor for a smooth experience and for happy players. This is the field where when referring to ping, we are referring to the speed which a player has with a certain gaming server. Like in all cases this has to be very low in order for the game to respond quickly to commands and also for the player to not experience any lag. This could create an annoying breach between its input and the game’s response.

We have talked so much about ping but we haven’t said a word about how to improve this action. It is a general rule that the ping speed is faster over local networks. When it comes to larger networks this is an unknown number. When we refer to larger network we also include in this selection the Internet network. If you are a gamer that doesn’t want to be affected by bad ping there are a couple of things required: always use the best equipment you can have, the Internet connection must be always on top by having the best provider in the area and last but not least ensure there are as few as possible programs that are “eating” from your Internet speed.

That being said hope we have “enlighten” you about pig and there are no more mysteries involving this word. Now only if I manage to post this article because of the lag on this network…

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