How To Handle And Solve PSN Connectivity Issues


How To Handle And Solve PSN Connectivity Issues

Connectivity is the key feature when playing console games. I mean although they are fun on stand-alone mode nothing compares with having some multiplayer activity. On PS3 the entire multiplayer and interactivity between players is done through the PlayStation Network. This is provided by Sony’s central hub, a thing that contains numerous servers that all offer a great support for online gaming in special. Other things like chatting, browsers etc. are also offered in the “package”.

You are required to be in optimal parameters to also have a steady internet connection and also to have an account with a unique username and password in order to know who is who on the network. Additional information would be about your credit card information that is needed for online purchases in the PlayStation store. But things have also a downside caused by some potential errors that could happen at any time. And because they happen at any time it would be a good idea to know how to handle and solve them quick.  Here are the four main tips in order to have a smooth connection.

  • I generally recommend when errors appear in the connection to check 1st the internet connection. This can be done boy going to “Network Settings” menu on the XMB (Xross Media Bar). Now search for an active connection or your wireless network is such is the case and you also have your console disconnected. Also be sure to enter the most recent wireless password connection used. Also in addition you should know that your PlayStation 3 console is connecting to your router with the help of an Ethernet connection or a wireless signal. That is why I also encourage users to try a good old fashion wired connection if the wireless signal is not well received.

  • If that didn’t help with your problem, make a log out of your PSN account and then reconnect with the required PSN username and password. This is because there are cases where people made some changes in their standard browser website. You need to know that these changes are not automatically reflected on your console’s settings. Also here are some cases where changing your password without making an update on the console password will also prevent the user from logging on the network.

  • To go a little further maybe you are just pushing your internet connection too far and you are exceeding with expectations about what it can offer. Be sure to always eliminate other sources that could represent high bandwidth traffic on your network. For example look for places where numerous downloads are happening at one point. Also streaming videos could represent a headache for some connections. In general limited bandwidth on a shared network can result in dropped connections and lagging during online gameplay. And I think we all know how frustrating a two sec lag can be when it comes to playing actions games or shooters on a multiplayer environment. Just close out all your downloads and also be sure to turn off any streaming media on other computers or devices on your network to optimize traffic for your PlayStation. Although you may have a strong connection you can’t expect it to always run at its best parameters and if sometimes you can handle all those internet chores at one times there will be a spike of lag that will demonstrate the obvious.

  • Last but not least if things aren’t working well for you there will be different digit code errors. As far as I know they are eight digits long and can be inserted in the PSN Support website. The code thing is that if you encountered a good known error there will still be displayed some quick solutions to handle it. And this can happen even on an offline environment.

Notice these are the basic solutions and more complicated errors or problems could appear at any time. If you are facing an advanced error I strongly recommend contacting the PlayStation Network support at 1-800-345-7669 or visit Many people start to “play” inside their console which is a bad thing for two reasons: 1st the technology inside is very complicated and there is the need of strong electronic and programing knowledge and 2nd the warranty may be voided. And believe me if things are really bad that warranty could prove to be a life savior.

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