How To Handle And Why To Start “Skinning” Your Apple iPhone


How To Handle And Why To Start “Skinning” Your Apple iPhone

Probably most of iPhone owners and even some other device owners have heard about iPhone skinning (and yes, you have to hunt your iPhone 4S before you can skin it). This is a process that can be explained by manually changing the themes and sounds of your Apple iPhone device. But keep in mind this is a process not intended for everyone. If you consider yourself being a tech savvy, attempting the process might not be a good idea mainly because of the wrong changes that could appear in the process.

But on the other hand if the process is completed successfully you will have at your disposal a changed iPhone and also some features that aren’t available on the original operating system iOS.

Before doing the process itself you need a hacked iPhone. That’s right, before adding some third-party skins to your iPhone device; it must be hacked to accept software other than the default Apple iOS. This isn’t that hard because there are numerous websites out there that offer different guides of how to hack your device only by using the download (there are also numerous articles on out site if you are decided to o through with the hacking). Also know that if you proceed, there is no risk of losing your contacts or other apps. Hacking your iPhone will, however, let you change the look of your phone.

One hacked there are numerous themes available. Third party software is accepted now and also new themes may be added at any time. For those of you who don’t know, themes are a comprehensive style for your phone that changes almost everything. Starting with application icons, shapes, wallpapers and even some application icons, themes offer a change for all of these. There are even some themes that give your iPhone a minimalist look of a Mac laptop computer. Others for example express a more funky feeling and also provide your device with a more artistic appearance.

The one thing that I like about the skinning of iPhone devices is the keyboard skin. In general the iPhone keyboard is one of the features of your device that Apple does not let you change. But there is something that would solve the problem one hacked. Also keep in mind that changing your keyboard is more difficult than a simple theme change. After getting access to a third-party keyboard there are also some things required. Things like IP address of your device and also to change some of the code associated with your operating system. Like I said before, it is a little more complicated, but not impossible. They also offer the same “features” as themes, that of changing the appearance of your phone’s keyboard while maintaining its functionality.

Last but not least there are the customized applications. In general we can consider an application to have a customization role if it lets you change the sounds associated with basic alerts. To give some examples think of alarm clock, incoming SMS messages and other application badges that in general offer little customization. Everyone noticed that without skinning your gadget there is no way to change sounds for your iPhone device. Another great feature that I find very useful for this is the ability to change the image you normally see while you have your iPhone in dock mode.

This being said, if you have confidence in your own skills start customizing it like man. On the other hand, if you don’t trust your own actions I would advice you to search for a person with greater experience because having a “default” phone is most of the times better than don’t having anything.

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