How To Handle MacBook Freezes Caused By Bad DVD-R


How To Handle MacBook Freezes Caused By Bad DVD-R

You may play several different types of optical discs on MacBook that came with optical drives. DVD-R discs are rewritable but they can also be used to play videos, transfer files and play music on the computer. The DVD-R might not be detected by your MacBook. If that happen it is proper for you to know that there are a number of possible reasons that are creating that issue. The problem may be fixed safely and quickly.

One first cause might be that the DVD-R is dirty or damaged a most common reason from them all. Such a disc might also become stuck into the computer in some cases. The MacBook’s optical disc drive may be damaged by a dirty or corrupted DVD-R. You have to know that optical disc drives are using lenses that are very sensitive. The data will be almost impossible to read if the disc is cracked, full of dirt or it has fingerprints on it and heavy scratches. It will force the lens to work harder while reading data and the system may freeze. To avoid that issue you will have to check the inner ring of the disc in order to make sure it’s smooth before inserting the DVD-R into the drive. Inspect it also for any damages, scratches and cracks.

Another cause might be a DVD-R disc that wasn’t written properly. Your MacBook will not detect it. To avoid that issue, choose a proper program in order to burn a disc. From the variety of programs you will have to choose between some that are used to write only data and others that are used for media files such as videos. Your MacBook will freeze when you will insert a disc that wasn’t properly written. The process must involve some steps such as, burning content, finalizing and finally, closing the disc. In order to improve the performance you must follow the program’s burning procedure and also some tips.

You will have to pay attention if your disk is in shape and it’s working on a different device. That means that the MacBook is having technical difficulty and if so, you will have to reset the System Management Controller. It is possible that you might need to quit a frozen application before resetting the SMC. Try to follow the next steps on the Macbook: put it to sleep first, then restart it and finally shut it down. After you are done with these entire steps and if none of them are working, just turn of the computer and unplug the MagSafe power adapter. In order to do that, press “Shift+Ctrl+Option” buttons at the same time and also the “Power” button. The SMC will be automatically reset when you will turn on the MacBook again, pressing the “Power” button.

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe your DVD-R disc if it is dirty. If you think to use abrasive solutions such as glass cleaner while cleaning the discs you should know that it might damage the data, so avoid using them. You will also avoid scratching the shiny surface if cleaning the DVD-R from the center moving outwards. In order to keep the disc in good shape, consider for the future to put them in a case and to store them in a safe place where the temperature is also favorable. The discs are very breakable and if they are left lying around will scratch very easily. Also, they are attracting fingerprints very easily and dirt. A DVD-R cracked or scratched very severely will keep lead you into the same problem over and over again if you will not replace it.

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