How To Solve Apple iPod Sound Issues


How To Solve Apple iPod Sound Issues

The iPod that you are using it might have some problems and make some strange noises when it’s playing a song. To establish what the cause could be it is advised to pay attention to some details that will help you. First, make sure that the song that it’s playing was recorded properly. Another explanation could be that it was downloaded from an untrustworthy source. After establishing if the issue is the song or not, you should consider that your iPod might have a problem either with its software or its physical hardware.

First, take notice of the fact that are some recorded songs that are picking up ambient noise. For example, while someone is recording a song that it’s playing on the radio, it might also type on the keyboard. That way, the recording would pick up that noise in the area as well as keyboard clicks or static. You should have advanced editing equipment in order to remove that kind of noise. That issue it’s very common when you don’t play music that was illegally downloaded and also when it came with music that you have recorded yourself, especially from speakers. You will solve that issue listening that particularly song on the computer in iTunes and paying attention if that noise still occurs.

When it came with software malfunctions you should know that it might occur some errors while your iPod’s audio file it’s reading some files. Also, it is also possible that it will send some bad information to the speakers or headphones. If it seems that the song itself isn’t the culprit, the next step that you should consider is to reset the iPod. You’ll be able to do that first by toggling the “Hold” switch and then pressing the “Menu” and “Select” buttons. Make sure you do that you do it until the Apple logo appears. Any software glitches are usually at the past tense after preceding a hard reset.

The annoying noise made while a song is playback might be also caused by a problem with the iPod’s hardware. It is advised to check if the headphones have a worn or exposed wire that it’s causing some interference. Try to use a different headphone set in order to do the test. Also, try to remember if you have recently damaged the iPhone in any way. For example think if you have dropped it or exposed it to extremes temperatures. At the same time, the iPod’s internal circuit board and sound card might be damaged if you have dropped it in water. But, it is a fact that if the weird sound occurs only when playing certain songs, it is unlikely that the problem of the iPod would be a hardware one.

If the issue persists just restore your iPod to factory settings. That process once completed will erase the iPod completely and reinstall the software. Also, it will help you to figure out the problem. If it isn’t a software problem you will know that it lies in either your hardware or the songs themselves. To initialize the process of restoration connect the iPod to the computer and launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically. The next step is to click on the iPod’s name which is on the left. Then, in the center panel you will notice the “Restore” option, click on it and just follow the instructions from the dialog box. That way you will be able to re-synchronize your songs, even all your media. After all that ware done, if you still experience the problem the ultimate solution will be to consult an Apple specialist in order to repair your iPod’s hardware.

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