How To Handle Apple iPod Touch Charging Issues


How To Handle Apple iPod Touch Charging Issues

Apple is like a drug. I mean if you bought an Apple device it is more likely that you will buy another one 1st time some money will enter your pocket. But, there is a problem with charging them and especially if you own more than one. Don’t get me wrong, every device will come with its charger, but there aren’t enough spaces where to plug them. That’s why we are using a Universal Dock. This is in fact a device with a small, rectangular base that allows the user to charge different Apple devices. Your iPod Touch makes no exception to this. You can imagine how convenient it is to just plug in one place all devices than to search for a USB in each case. Here you just have to switch between Dock Adapters.

1st of all let’s talk a little about the particularities presented by the Universal Dock. This devices serves as a home based charger for your Apple products. It also comes with five Dock Adapters. One of them can be used for second, third and fourth generations of the iPod touch. In order to start charging your device just place the appropriate dock adapter on the dock that fits your need. Inside this Universal Dock you will find a USB port that facilitates the plugging of an end of a USB-to-USB cable in to the dock. The other end should be plugged into a wall adapter or even your computer if you desire both charging and syncing between devices.

Let’s focus on the adapter for the time being. If you encounter problems when trying to charge you iPod touch on the Universal Dock, you may have a faulty connection. The most common mistake is to use a wrong adapter (again it depends on the version of your iPod Touch). In order to figure out the problem, check for a photo of the appropriate adapter for the iPod touch. In general this can be solved also by noticing that the iPod Touch doesn’t fit well on the Universal Dock.

Another common problem encountered would be a bad connection. This happens when a plug can wiggle loose and interrupt the flow of current. 1st of all be sure that all your cords are well plugged in their appropriate docks including each USB plug. In the case of using your computer to charge your iPod Touch, be also sure you don’t have the Sleep mode activated. Also be sure you have it either fully charged or plugged into its own power source. If things aren’t working yet, trying another USB port could also prove to be a solution. In the case of using a wall outlet, be 1st sure you have it working. It can be very frustrating to try again and again to figure out what is with your Apple device and then discover the wall outlet is the problem. Also try switching a USB cable as well because with the passing of time they could become faulty because of grime or wear.

Last but not least there could be some iPod malfunctions. Take in consideration that this is the most unlikely case so that’s why this should be considered only when all the other options have been eliminated. There are cases when you will notice a freeze on your iPod Touch. This is the case where a disruption will not allow it to be charged. The best thing to do in this case would be to reset your iPod. This can be done by pressing “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed until the Apple logo appears. If this action doesn’t prove useful to you switch and try to charge your iPod with its normal docking cable. This is the best way to find if the iPod itself is the problem or other equipment is to be blamed. Any device that might prove to be the “rotten apple” should be taken to an Apple specialist because it probably needs to be replaced. Don’t try to fix it yourself because this may break the warranty you have with it.

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