How To Access Yahoo! Mail Account With One Click


How To Access Yahoo! Mail Account With One Click

If you consider learning how to add a shortcut to you Yahoo! Login page we will help by giving you some steps to follow. A shortcut is a link to a file that reside into your computer or even to a website page on the internet. Windows will open a file, will execute a program or even will send your browser to a site on the Web if you will click a shortcut, represented by an icon. You will be able to jump instantly to your Yahoo! mail login page by clicking your shortcut from your Windows desktop or the Start menu. And that way save certainly some time.

First, open your browser and navigate to the Yahoo! email login page. Then copy the URL that you’ll notice in your browser address bar. Search an empty area on the desktop and right-click it. Select “Next” in order to display a menu of options and click on the “Shortcut” button and that way it will open the “Create Shortcut” dialogue window. The earlier copied text needs to be paste into the “Type the Location of the Item” text box.

You need to click “Next” to continue and then type a name in the “New Internet Shortcut” text box, for the new created one. To complete the process, click “Finish” and you will notice that Windows will place a new icon on the desktop. Your Yahoo! login page will open when clicking on that new created icon.

A copy of the shortcut icon may be also placed on the Start menu. Create a copy of that icon on the desktop by right-clicking it and select “Copy”. After that, go and right-click an empty area on the desktop and select “Paste”. A new icon will appear on the desktop which will be dragged to the Start menu button. The Start menu will open and give you the possibility to choose where to place the icon.

And that’s about all to it. Now your entire mail page will be accessed with the help of a mouse click and right from the comfort of your desktop. Now if we can find a way to get those spam mails from our folders the day would be really great.

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