How To Add Extra Languages On Samsung Intercept From Android Market


How To Add Extra Languages On Samsung Intercept From Android Market

Almost all phones are preloaded with English and Spanish as main language. Samsung Intercept has also those two languages but also a feature where you may change the display and keyboard language. A language that will meet your need is advised especially when typing messages or emails. You must know that Samsung Intercept has the ability to support many languages. That way, if you need to set Italian or German on your smart phone, access the Android Market to download and install these language packs. On that built-in shopping store you will be able to search and download also applications for your Intercept.

Start by launching the Android Market. In order to do that, press first the “Home” button and tap “Applications”. Then touch “Market” to launch the Android Market. Once there, tap “Next” and sign in on your Google account. You will have also to touch “Accept” and that way you will agree with the terms of service of the Android Market. To search the language pack that you want to install, type its name on the “Search” icon and initialize the process. Android Market will display the results of the search. For example, if you want to install an Italian language pack, type Italian into the icon.

Select the language pack that you want to install after scrolling down on all results. To initialize the process tap the “Install’ button. It is possible that the language pack to have a paid feature, so follow the guided prompts, if prompted. There are some packs that are free and are others that aren’t. In case it is a free pack, a “Free” green button will be displayed on its right side. Also, if it isn’t free the market will display the price of the language pack on the right side.

To check the status of the installation touch “Notifications” and when it is completed, close the Android Market.

To select the language that you have downloaded start by touching the “Home” button and select “Applications”. Then tap “Language” and “Keyboard” and touch “Select locale”. Select the language you have downloaded by tapping it and all menus and keyboard settings will be updated to the new language. Your Samsung Intercept will have that way the proper language according to your needs.

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