How To Install ADB Windows On Nook Color


How To Install ADB Windows On Nook Color

A highly customized version of Android 2 is used by Barnes&Noble Nook Color. That version of Android 2 has a specialized application structure and user interface. If a user wants to customize their Nook, they also need to use Android Dubug Bridge. It allows advanced commands and procedures via USB connection.  You will be able to install the ADB which is a standard Android feature, on any desktop. But in the case of Nook Color it requires special drivers. When installing ADB follow these steps that will help to complete the process.

Open the web browser that you choose to use and navigate to the download page of Android Software Developer Kit. Save the installer file to the computer by clicking the “installer_r13-windows.exe”. It is advised to save it on the desktop.

In order to start the installation, double-click the EXE file from the desktop and continue by following the instructions. That way it will install the SDK, including the ADB.

Then, return to your browser and navigate in order to the NookDevs driver download page. Once get there, click on the links “” and “” and save the content on your desktop.

Continue by extracting files of “” into a new folder named “android-sdk-windows”. Access the “Start” menu and click on “Computer”. Open the “C:/” hard drive by double-clicking it and then click and drag the new folder in it.

A next step will be to extract the files from “” into a new folder that will be created on the desktop. Select the “Start” button and then click on your Windows user name. Double-click on the new created folder from the desktop, press “Ctrl+A” and continue by dragging its contents into your username folder.

Use the included USB cable and connect the Nook Color to the computer. You will notice a “New USB Device” dialogue box that will appear which you will have to click on it. Click “Browse my computer for driver software” and choose “C:/android-sdk-windows/usb_driver”. The drivers and the ADB software will be ready for any modification after you will click “Next” and then “Ok.”

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