How To Clear Dead Pixels On Sony PSP Gaming Device


How To Clear Dead Pixels On Sony PSP Gaming Device

Usually, the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) has a number of its screen pixels stuck at the beginning. Also the main icon pixels may be stuck on a certain color. If we encounter an extreme case it will make game play almost impossible. And let’s be honest, you don’t buy a new gaming device that doesn’t offer the full gaming experience. Although pixilated icon is a minor case and will be only distracting for the player. To solve the issue it is advised to play a hacker-community video on your PSP device in order to unlock those stuck pixels and enjoy at its full potential the device. It is a very simple process and your PSP will have un-pixilated icons from that moment on.

Search the “Stuck Pixel” video and download it on the computer. Then use the PSP memory stick to plug it into an available USB port of your computer. You will notice a folder that will open automatically on the desktop. The next step it is to drag-and-drop the “Stuck Pixel” video file into the “PSP/VIDEO/”folder. It will be saved inside the memory stick.

Remove the memory stick from the computer and plug it into the “Memory Stick” slot on the PSP device. Search under the main menu and select the “Video” option. Once displayed the video listing, choose the “Stuck Pixel” video and select it.

In order to begin the video, press the “X” button and play until the PSP icon will become unstuck. And that’s about it. The fact is I don’t know why people from Sony would even launch a series of PSP devices with some “bugs” inside them. The good part of the story is the fact that the new PS Phone doesn’t suffer from the same “illness”. Apparently big companies learn from the past, a thing that could only benefit us users and buyers.

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