Best 4 Android Apps For Webcam Usage On Android Market


Best 4 Android Apps For Webcam Usage On Android Market

With so many Android devices out there the possibility to choose from is just impressive. And all people chose a smartphone for a different aspect. Some could choose a model for its performances, some for its app and others for multimedia reason. Today we will speak about multimedia and we will focus on webcams. Currently there are two models of webcams available on the market for Android-powered devices. There are those that let you monitor your own webcams, and those that let you view publicly available webcam feeds. Luckily for you both of them can be downloaded from Android Market, the place where every Android lover spends his time. Here are a few webcam apps that also have user ratings of at least three stars out of five.

ICam will be the 1st item on the agenda. This is an Android app that lets its users to administrate and monitor around 12 private webcams feeds at the same time. This is done through both 3G and Wi-Fi connections. In the description, this product is presented as being ideal for use as a nanny cam, baby monitoring and also as a security camera. Inside this little devil there are things like motion detection, audible notifications and the ability to record your camera feed. And of course that if you are able to record something it can be played on a later date. The sad part is that this app is not free and will cost you around $5. Other details about it would be that it has 131KB in size, it works on all Android OS starting with Android 2.1 version and has on Android Market a 4-star rating.

Another great product is IP Cam Viewer Pro. This is also a mobile application that works on Android powered devices. With it, the user is able to control webcams and other great things like Internet Protocol cameras, closed-circuit TV cameras, digital video recorders and networked video recorders. Yeah I know the list is big and impressive and that’s why I consider this product great. There are included in the package two-way audio support, SSL encryption, pan, tilt and zoom support and access to a traffic camera database. Also a great addition to this product is the recording mode that lets you capture video that you see on screen. Inside there is also a web browser integrated that offers possibility of exporting and importing data. Technical details about the product would be its 1.4MB size, the fact that it works on Android 1.5 and upper versions and it costs only $4. Also it has a rating of 4.5 stars on Android market since September 2011.

Worth of mentioning is also AtHome camera. This app turns your Android device and webcam into a nice security system that could be what you need at home and office. Among other things, this app has features like recording and playback, motion activation, audio capture support, scheduled recordings, event-logging functionality and email notifications. You can consider this as a private coop with no payment. In order to make things work this app needs to be installed in all computers that have webcams. Also a nice addition is the quantity of cameras that can be applied on a computer which in this case is 4. With these you can monitor and then receive feeds on your Android smartphone. Again speaking about technical details, this app costs around $8 and will take from your disk space around 2.3 MB. It also required Android 1.6 or upper versions to run. It was rated starting September 2011 with 3 starts.

Last but not least we will talk about My Webcam. This is an app that lets you access more than you ever imagined. Besides getting access to your own cameras, you also get access to other hundreds around the world. With it, you can choose from a list of live cameras and also see some images that were taken in previous feeds. A great fact would be that most live feeds also offer a tilt and pan support. Also, if you wish to see just your own camera on a private feed there is the option of password protection access transforming you into and administrator. It has 3.1 MB in size, it costs around $6 and also requires on your smartphone Android 1.6 or higher. As a rating it has 3.5 stars on Android Market.

So there you have it folks. 4 products that will turn a normal webcam into a spy machine filming everything at any time. And making all visible with a live feed on your smartphone gives the user accessibility at any time to information that could prove useful.

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