How To Set Up A Sony PS3 Controller To An Apple MacBook Pro


How To Set Up A Sony PS3 Controller To An Apple MacBook Pro

The ones that enjoy playing games must find out that they can use the PlayStation3 controller not only when playing PS3 games. The controller is generally used on PS3 but you might connect it also on your MacBook Pro and other devices. In this case we will talk about MacBook Pro games it like “Need For Speed Carbon”. The process is very easy especially since the PlayStation3 controller has Bluetooth technology installed. If you have used this before I think you can already see some advantages offered by it.

That’s way it will interface automatically with your computer. So it seems that you don’t need to make too much effort getting the controller working with the Mac. Just follow the next steps and get the job done yourself in very little time.

First, make sure that the PS3 controller’s USB cable is connected to the MacBook Pro. The cable must be into the USB port of the computer. It doesn’t really matter which of them because it will be recognized in all of them. Then, press the “PS” button on the controller (it’s located in its middle and can be recognized by being the one who has the PS logo on it) and just wait until the lights on your controller start to flash.

A next step would be to connect the PS3 controller to the USB cable. After all of that, you will have to wait until the Bluetooth icon changes to three black dots. To finish the process, just boot your game and wait for it to load. All things available on your PS should also be available on your MAC through this controller. Games like FIFA and RPG can also be played if they have controller commands in their script.

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