How To Type Uppercase Letters On Apple’s iPod Touch


How To Type Uppercase Letters On Apple’s iPod Touch

We made so many “How To” about Apple’s iPod Touch that I have lost count. Today we will speak about how you as a user can input upper case letters in this gadget. You have probably noticed that when typing a word on your iPod Touch, the 1st letter tends to be an uppercase one. And this happens regardless of exclamation mark or question mark. The process is fully automatically. But how can you insert an uppercase letter in the middle of a word. Let’s say for example there is the need of writing words like iPhone, iPad or I don’t know MacBook. There are numerous ways to do this action and I suggest using the one that you feel the most comfortable with. There are options to capitalize the entire word or only a few letters.

Here are the instructions needed to be known in order to succeed. In general as in all computers, typing the shift key (is the upward facing arrow) from the iPod Touch makes a capitalization of letter in any app you are using at the moment. There will be a signal showing this action by a glowing of this key. In order to get capitalization of certain characters like accented letters, tap the shift key and then hold your finger on the normal version of a character until a small menu appears. Just make a simple sliding with your finger over the character you desire to make “big” and when the signal appears just lift your finger from the screen.

Another way of accomplishing this task would be by touching and holding down the shift key. This can be done by sliding your finger to the letter you wish to capitalize and then lifting your finger from the touch screen. In order to get a capitalization of special characters like accented letters, tap the shift key and slide to a character. In this case there is the need to pause your finger on the normal version of that character until you will notice a menu appearing. Now just slide your finger to that character that you want capitalize and lift your finger from the screen.

Last but not least you start by tapping the shift key twice in order to activate the caps lock mode. This, as in a computer case will make all later tapped letters be uppercase. All you have to do is tap those letters and the process is done automatically. If you wish to return to a normal mode just tap on the shift key again and everything will be like before. There will be a blue light around the shift key while this is activated.

So now you know how you can capitalize all letter and write words like iPhone how they where suppose to be written.

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