How To Handle And Use Bluetooth Technology On Microsoft Windows 7


How To Handle And Use Bluetooth Technology On Microsoft Windows 7

The Bluetooth is a wireless connection that is used more often in the case of cellphones. But what most of the people don’t know is that the Bluetooth allows also other connections. You may also connect printers, cellphones, mice and headsets to a computer using that wireless connection. If you have a laptop that supports Bluetooth devices and if it has also an integrated Bluetooth radio, you can use a Bluetooth headset and that way to connect to your computer. To be able to make that wireless connection and the Bluetooth headsets to function, make sure that the headset service is enabled for the device. In order to enable the device, go in the device’s Properties window.

First, make sure that the Bluetooth headset is powered. Then, click “Start” and select “Control Panel” in order to find the “Add a Device” link. That link is under “Hardware and Sound”. The following step is to select the headsets in the list of the available devices and continue by clicking “Next”. Also, continue to complete the steps to pair the device and the computer. At the same time make sure that Windows will automatically download the device’s drivers.

In the Add a Device section you will have to right-click the headset device and then select “Properties”. At the top of the device’s Properties window you will have to click the “Services” tab.  Make sure that the “Headset” service is enabled. In case it isn’t enabled, click it and then click “Ok”.

Next, select “Playback Devices” after you have right-click the speaker icon that you will find in your system tray. Also, to use the headset as the default audio output device, select “Set as Default Device”. In order to do that just right-click the headset and select the option above it.

In order to use the headset as your default audio input device, go on the top of the Sound window and click the “Recording” tab. Then, right-click the headset and select “Set as Default Device” option. And that’s about all to it. There are numerous other functions for a Bluetooth connection in very different sectors. Although this technology is very easy to use, Wi-Fi is replacing it little by little. In the near future I do think we will discuss about it at the past tense. But until that we should know how to better use it.

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