How To Create A New Folder On HTC EVO Smartphone


How To Create A New Folder On HTC EVO Smartphone

If you own a HTC EVO it is proper to know that it has the ability to store on its home screen, links of your most frequented used applications. It has also multiple home screens that can give the possibility to organize all the shortcuts. But all the screens may become also much cluttered if you have too many applications installed on your phone. In order to prevent this issue it is advised to create folders on the EVO home screens and use it to ease the access. That way, creating folders each one with its name, and copying applications shortcuts inside them will have an organized and easy to access phone.

To create a folder, begin by swiping your finger horizontally to the home screen where you want to add it. The “Add to Home Screen” popup window will appear if you will press and hold the screen.

Next, access “Folders” and then tap “New Folder”. That way it will create a new empty folder on the home screen. From the Select Folder screen you may also create operating system or application-specific folders. That way, tapping “Starred Contacts” will give the chance to copy all your favorite contacts into a folder named “Starred”. Also, if Pandora application is installed, all you need to do is to tap “My Stations” for a folder of Pandora Internet Radio.

To open the new created folder, tap on it and then press and hold its title bar. When the Rename Folder popup window will appear, enter a name for that folder.

To add an application shortcut in the new created folder all you have to do is drag and drop the icon on top of it. First, go to the home screen with the folder and tap the “Application Drawer”. Then, go to an application and use the press and hold process on its icon. Than drag and drop it on the top of the folder and that way the application shortcut is added to it.

Your EVO’s microSD may also contain folders. A new folder on it may be added when the EVO is connected to the computer. Use a USB cable to connect the EVO to PC and access the microSD by double-clicking it. The next step will be to right-click in the file system window and to select “New” and then “Folder”. By doing this you will create a new folder on the card.

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