How To Set Up A Wallpaper On Samsung Smartphones


How To Set Up A Wallpaper On Samsung Smartphones

If you have a Samsung Sunburst or in fact any Samsung smartphone and are considering to set the theme, which can also be referred to as wallpaper, it is proper to know that are the ways to do it. Either that you want to use pictures that are preinstalled on the phone or use pictures taken with the built-in two megapixel digital camera or pictures downloaded from other sources, things are very simple.

One way to set the theme on your phone is to make the adjustments of the display settings from the menu’s system. Another way is to search among the pictures from your photo gallery and to choose a photo and set it as wallpaper.

In case you choose to make the adjustments from the display settings, open first the Samsung Sunburst’s main menu. In order to do that, touch the “Menu” button. It is on the bottom of the screen. Then go to the “Settings” and select “Display and Light”. After that, select “Wallpaper” and you will notice that the first picture that may be set as a wallpaper will appear on the screen. But there are many pictures available and if you want to check them all, drag your finger across the screen to the left in order to see the next image. If one picture has got your attention and need to be seen again, just drag the finger to the right to see the previous picture. The phone gives the possibility to see the pictures thumbnail. Touch “Picture” to see the images that can be use as wallpaper and then just touch the one that you want to use. That way it will return to the larger size. To end the process, touch “Set” to use the selected picture as wallpaper theme.

If the image that will be set as wallpaper is among the pictures that already are on the phone, start by opening the main menu. This is done again by touching “Menu”. Open then your pictures folder by selecting “My Stuff” and then “Picture”. Search through the pictures and choose one that will be set as wallpaper. Touch it and that way it will open larger on the screen. The last setting that needs to be done is to select “Set As” and then “Wallpaper” and the picture will be you wallpaper theme.

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