How To Delete StumbleUpon Favorites


How To Delete StumbleUpon Favorites

Among the millions of websites on Internet there are a few that are close to my soul. One of those sites is StumbleUpon, a website that has more entertainment to offer than a hundred more. And if I think a little it is made from a hundred sites. This is a multi-million user site that allows link sharing between users under the name of stumblers. You have the option to share the most interesting, the funniest things with the push of a simple button.

You will have at your disposal a thumbs-up button in the StumbleUpon toolbar. Pressing it will add this website to your StumbleUpon favorite list. But what happens when later you desire to remove one link from this list. Although the normal procedure is pretty standard there are some situations where different difficulties could be encountered. Here are the few things you need to take in consideration when deleting such a link.

1st of all we will discuss about the Grid View. This might be the 1st reason why difficulties could be encountered when trying to delete a favorite. For example when looking at your StumbleUpon profile, also take a look at the bar above your favorites. There, on the left side there is an option to see things under the form of a Grid or a List. The delete option is available only for favorites if you’re in the List view. Here, you have the option to hover with the mouse cursor over a link and take a look at the delete option bellow it. Simply click on “Delete” and then again on “Delete”. The second press on “Delete” is to make the confirmation that you really want to erase the link.

Another thing that can prove a little of a headache is when trying to remove favorites that were discovered and reviewed by you. This is because, these links will not be removed from your discoveries “folder” even after being removed from favorites. This happens because StumbleUpon is made in such a way that it doesn’t allow the removal from this website’s database when a stumbler deletes it from his favorites. And this is done mainly because every link of a site from database must have a discoverer attached. Even if let’s say another person has reviewed the website, the option to remove it from discovery list is still not available. This is because every link needs to have a person that discovered it.

Another feature offered by StumbleUpon is the nice toolbar that has a lot of options. Like for example the ability to select favorites. At the same time this ability could prove a challenge when trying to delete a favorite. 1st of all, in this case, show the StumbleUpon toolbar, if it’s not already visible to users. After this, click on the thumbs-up button until the thumb is blue. If you see this thumb still green that means you have this still listed as a favorite in your list. And to make things even better, this toolbar offers some options to remove completely the site from the favorite list. Simply click on thumbs-down button in the toolbar until it is blue as well. To be sure there is no way that the link is not listed as favorite, simply make sure both buttons are not green.

Last but not least involves StumbleUpon Etiquette. This happens because it’s against the rules to only stumble your own content. If, for example people at site notice you are excessive promoting yourself there could be repercussion reaching even the deletion of your account. Furthermore, the site you are promoting could be even banned from the StumbleUpon network. If you reach this point, also know that all of your favorites are permanently deleted along with your account. I would advise that you stumble 20 other sites before starting to stumble your own. That would also secure your favorites and nothing bad could happen to you.

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