How To Use miniCD Data With BlackBerry Torch


How To Use miniCD Data With BlackBerry Torch

Mini CDs are used to install different applications. To install some data on a BlackBerry Torch using a mini CD you need to connect first the BlackBerry on a computer. Then, it will run from the CD-drive on the machine. There are two ways to install some application on a BlackBerry and you need to decide which one should be used. To be able to do that, you need to read the instructions that are attending the mini installation CD. So, you have to choose between installations via BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software or the routine installation that runs on the computer at the time the BlackBerry is connected to it.

If the install of an application requires BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software you need to take a few steps that we are going to specify in the followings. In order the routine installation to start, you need to insert the mini CD into CD-drive of the computer. Then it will start a succession of steps in which you need to click “Next” or “Install” and it will install the software on the computer. Using the USB cable that ships with the device, connect the BlackBerry to the computer. Then, you need to open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on the computer. You will notice that BlackBerry will register in the main screen on it.

On the main screen of the Desktop Manager click “Application Loader” option. It will open a list of applications that are already installed or are available to be installed. To pick a certain application from that list, click the checkbox in front of it. Click ‘Next” to install the software on the BlackBerry device. Then click “Finish” and that way the process will be completed.

If the installation does not requires BlackBerry Desktop Manager you should close it if the instructions say to do so. The installation routine will start at the moment the mini-CD was insert into the CD-driver of the computer. Then it is proper to connect the BlackBerry to the computer. The connection will be made trough the USB connector cable and the BlackBerry Torch will automatically register into the installation program. To install the application on the BlackBerry you will have to follow the prompts by first clicking “Next” or “Install”’. Click “Finish” to end the install of software on the device.

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