How To Record Interviews In Windows 7 And MAC OS X


How To Record Interviews In Windows 7 And MAC OS X

Everybody knows the problem of taking an interview and then the difficulties of remembering all the facts and words. So, to avoid that challenging task you should thing to record the conversation. That way it will be easier to have the exact information at the right time. The conversation during an interview needs to be reproduced as it was and you’ll be able to do that at a later time only by recording all facts and ideas.

If you decide to use your laptop to record an interview using a microphone, you should know that it has a build-in tool that allows doing so. So having a laptop that is running either Windows 7 or Mac OS X, you should also know about the ability to record audio that you consider helpful to document a conversation.

When decide to take an interview, connect the microphone to the audio-in port on the laptop. You will notice the port by being labeled with a circle with two triangles. Once connected to the laptop, the microphone should be toggled between you and the person you are interviewing.  Now, if using Mac OS X, search the “Finder” in the dock and click on its icon. Then click “Applications” and next access “Garage Band” section by also clicking it. On the left-hand side try to find “Real Instrument” box and once done, click on “Vocals” icon that it is in that section. From now on you may start the interview and when you are ready to do it, click the red record button. Notice that, while recording, a waveform will appear as you are speaking. At the end of the conversation, click on the “Play” button. To save the recording go into “File” section, click on it and then on “Save”. That way, the file will be saved on your computer.

If running Windows, after you have connected the microphone to the audio-in port of your laptop, click first on the “Start” button. The position of the microphone between you and the person you are interviewing has to be equidistant. After clicking on “Start” you should type “Sound Recorder” in the search box. When the search is completed a list should appear and you need to click on “Sound Recorder” in order to open the application. To begin the interview click on “Start Recording” button and at the end of it, click “Stop Recording”. One last step is to save the file on your computer. To be able to do it, you need to click on the “File name” box and enter the name you consider proper for the interview. Then click “Save” and that way you will choose also the location on the computer that the file will be saved in.

Also, it is proper to make some tests before the interview to avoid any interruptions. The position of the microphone and the audio setting need to be adjusted prior to do the actual recordings. You may be surprised that the microphone doesn’t record any sounds and if that happens, you should check the hardware setting.

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