How To See Flash Web Pages Videos On Apple iPod Touch


How To See Flash Web Pages Videos On Apple iPod Touch

Although Apple offers so many good products both hardware and software based there are a few things missing. Today we will talk about the fact that Apple’s iPod Touch firmware doesn’t support Adobe Flash Systems. You can imagine the frustration some users could face when trying to stream different videos that are embedded in certain web pages. The case for this, when encountering such a video is very simple: an error is shown in your Safari application and the video can’t be seen. But luckily for you there is a solution under the name of iTransmogrify. This is one of the best tools used to convert these “nasty” Flash videos in the desired format supported by your iPod Touch. Also the great feature of it is the fact you can see these videos on your in-built YouTube app. Remember that in order to use the iTransmogrify tool on this device, you must also add it to Safari as a bookmark. Here are the few steps needed to set up and use this app.

  1. 1st of all simply launch the Safari Web browser on your iPod Touch. If you never did this action before, tap its icon found on the home screen.

  2. Now navigate to a basic web page. Let’s say for example Google’s homepage found at Tap on the export button found in the menu across the bottom of the screen. Tab on the “Add Bookmark” button.

  3. Doing the last action should show a list of bookmarks, in which you should also find the new added one. The “Bookmarks” button can be identified by a picture of an open book inside the button.

  4. Now tap on the “Edit” button located in the lower left corner. Then also follow the bookmark just added.

  5. In order to get in business with “iTransmogrify”, delete the current file title and replace it with “iTransmogrify”. Delete the current Web address for the bookmark and replace it with Be careful to have three underscore characters before you place the question mark.

  6. After all the previous steps are done tap on “Done”. This action will save the bookmark’s edits. A new screen should appear with another “Done” button. Press this one two in order to finish editing this bookmark list.

  7. In order to see if things are working correctly navigate to a website that contains an incomplete Flash video file that you desire to see on your iPod Touch. Now tap on the “Bookmarks” button and then locate and click on the “iTransmogrify” bookmark. This will make the web page reload and let you see with your iPod Touch the video which is now compatible with the device. Simply tap on the video to see it.

And there you have it folks. A simple and very useful way and tool that allows any user to see Flash videos on web sites like YouTube.

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