How To Enable / Get / Activate Facebook Timeline Right Now


How To Enable / Get / Activate Facebook Timeline Right Now

Facebook has just launched a new feature called Timeline, however, it’s not available to all users as it finds itself in the beta phase. The good thing is that you can enable it although it might take a full 5 minutes before you finish the job. We can provide a way to activate the Facebook Timeline, but you should make sure that you do everything we tell you to do and follow the steps accurately.

If you don’t know what the Facebook Timeline is, then you should hear that it’s resembles your real-life resume. We don’t know whether Facebook is trying to kill LinkedIn with the Timeline feature or if it really wants to help users organize their profile in a better way.

Until now, Facebook was all about catching the latest news, updates, photos, but many important stuff was lost in time because the feed was too “busy.” After introducing the subscribe button, the next logical step is the Timeline which allows users to create a special page that displays the most important activities that you’ve done over time.

The Facebook Timeline displays your achievements by month and by year. You can show your Facebook friends when you finished high-school, when you joined college, when you graduated, where you got your degree, when you married, when your first child was born, where you were in vacation, albums of your family, coworkers or friends, apps you like and play, and everything else. You can read more about Timeline right here.

How to enable Facebook Timeline right now:

  1. Become a Facebook Developer by going to this link;

  2. Click “Allow”;

  3. Now you should see a “Create new app” button on the top right of your profile;

  4. Choose a name and nickname for your application – Facebook will let you know if you can use the names;

  5. Check “I Agree To Platform Privacy Policy” and then click “Continue”;

  6. Now the Facebook human verification will begin – enter the two words in the box and proceed;

  7. You will be taken to the Facebook Developers web page – on the left side panel, click on “Open Graph”;

  8. Enter the details wanted by Facebook at the “Get Started with Open Graph” like “defining” what your app does;

  9. Click on “Get Started”;

  10. At this step you will be taken to another web page where you will ONLY need to scroll down at the bottom of the page and then click “Save Changes and Next”;

  11. The next step is similar and you will need to scroll down and click on a similar button which says ”Save Changes and Next”;

  12. Now a new page will load, and you are almost ready. Just go to your Facebook homepage and wait;

  13. Like said, wait for a few minutes (or more) so that changes enter into effect and now you have successfully become a Facebook developer;

  14. Refresh the page until you get a new pop-up screen on your homepage that says “Introducing Timeline – A New Kind of Profile”;

  15. Click on “Get it now”;

  16. Configure your Facebook Timeline.

Let us know these steps were helpful and if you like the Facebook Timeline!

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