How To Install Windows 8 Developer Preview On HTC Shift


How To Install Windows 8 Developer Preview On HTC Shift

Remember the now defunct HTC Shift? No, not the HTC EVO Shift 4G, the original HTC Shift! This ultra-mobile PC was brought back from the abyss by someone named djwillis on XDA-Developers in order to install Windows 8 Developer Preview on it. The UMPC is an almost dead category of mobile devices, however, now that Windows 8 will support everything on anything, they can be resurrected and we wouldn’t be too surprised to see them again on the market.

UMPCs are smaller than netbooks and they can be considered tablets with QWERTY keyboards. If you still own a HTC Shift, then look for it, clean the dust off it, and follow the instructions on how to install Windows 8 Developer Preview on the device.

The HTC Shift features a 7-inch touchscreen at 800 x 480 resolution, hand-writing and fingerprint recognition, sliding QWERTY keyboard, Intel A110 800MHz CPU with Windows Vista 32-bit, ARM11 CPU with SnapVUE OS in PDA mode, 1GB/ 64MB RAM, 40 or 60GB HDD, a SD card slot, built-in Intel GMA 950 GPU, quad-band EDGE, tri-band 3G, Bluetooth, USB, MP3 support, and dual-speakers.

Previously, a bunch of clever hackers and coders have ported Windows 7 and Mac OS X on the HTC Shift, however, they didn’t quite work as intended. It seems like Windows 8 works perfectly on the UMPC including the touchscreen, video acceleration, WiFi, and all other features.

The only problem is the resolution as Windows 8 has a minimum resolution of 1024 x 600, while many Metro apps must run in 1024 x 768 resolution. The instructions to install Windows 8 are very lengthy and you will be required to delete your entire HDD.

If you want to get Windows 8 Developer Preview on the HTC Shift, then hit the source link below in order to find all the details. Check out the video below where you can see how Windows 8 works on the UMPC. Also if you installed it on your HTC Shift, we are very curious to find out whether it’s working as intended!

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