How To Start Developing Apps For Apple Mac OS X With Xcode


How To Start Developing Apps For Apple Mac OS X With Xcode

Although I am not a programmer I know a few things about it. Like for example I know the basic details when it comes to program for Mac OS X. This is the OS made by Apple for their MacBook lineup of laptops. In his essence this OS differs from other operating systems available on the market like Windows from Microsoft but ahs many similarities to other ones like Linux.

But as you already know Mac OS X is a new and unique platform that has numerous function codes and numerous particular code libraries. In order to develop for this platform you are required to have a Mac computer. This is in fact the best method to create and develop applications for this Apple OS. Also other tools like Xcode are required for more advanced features and implementation processes. Here are a few things required to be known when starting to program on this platform:

  1. 1st of all download and install Xcode. This app can be found by navigating to This will take you to the app store and will let you download the latest version. In order to get and download the program you are required to register. This is done by navigating to Also here is the place where older versions of Xcode can be found. These are very good for older systems having only the required files for those versions.

  2. When the installation is done simply begin a new application project. This is done by starting Xcone and selecting the “File” menu from the Mac task bar. This is done by selecting from the “File” menu the “New” option and then clicking “New Project”.

  3. Locate the project template window and select from there “Application”. This can be found under the “Mac OS X” menu on the left-hand side of the window. You have the option to build a command-line tool that can be later used in the Terminal app. Also there are numerous other implementations like building an application that uses the Mac Cocoa libraries and the Objective-C programming language. Both of them are developed and created by Apple’s Mac OS.

  4. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas about Objective-C and how to use the Cocoa libraries. There are numerous tutorials on the web and also Apple offers a lot of “How to” at their tutorials library found at There are numerous other programs that can write apps for Mac and even other programming languages. Also all the native applications that run with support of Apple code libraries will use Objective-C and Cocoa.

Programming languages are not learned over night and every user must have patience in order to get the full of it.

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