How To Benefit From A Root Folder On HTC EVO Android Smartphone


How To Benefit From A Root Folder On HTC EVO Android Smartphone

From what I’ve read recently on some forums and some emails I’ve discovered there are some people who have problems handling the HTC EVO device. And this happens especially to those who try to manage the root folder. Now there are some different things that can refer to such a thing. When we are talking about it as an electronic storage space, you refer to it as being at the “top” level of that space, and also as a place where folder are not contained within any subfolders. On the other hand a root folder can also be considered a place where is no native access. In the HTC EVO case the root folder would be the “System” folder.

Let’s speak a little about the top level. When you are doing a rooting process on an Android OS base device there will be a time when you’ll be asked to place a file in the root folder. In general this is located on the device’s microSD card. This also means you are required to connect the smartphone to a computer with the USB cable you got when purchasing the device. When in general you connect such a device to your computer a removable storage device should appear between the drivers. When opening that removable device you will be placed at the root level of the microSD card. This will give you the possibility to view all the public folders and in fact any file placed outside that public folder can be described as being the root folder. This happens because there is no folder above it.

In general all the people that root their devices do it because they want administrative privileges to all the information inside their phone. You will be given access to all folders contained in the HTC handset having the power to delete all the extra files that were restricted before. Also there is the possibility to make modifications to the smartphone’s software. The only bad part of this action would be losing the provider warranties.

When referring to EVO’s root folder many use the term of “System” folder. But this “System” folder has very limited access until you manage to root your device. Inside there will be many important files that can be part of the functionality of the device, as well as pre-installed applications that were included upon the EVO’s activation. That’s why doing this procedure requires a little experience and also some knowledge about what does what.

The customization given by a root folder is very impressive. For example you can change the contents of the EVO’s “System” folder, to remove pre-installed applications known as bloatware. With other words, when buying the device you also get a tone of applications that for some are not needed. By removing there a lot of space and also memory can be saved and used for other apps more important for your need.

There is a lot of rooting file manager software out there and most of them can be downloaded from Android market. With the root access you can run unauthorized applications not found in the Market, overclock the EVO’s processor and even replace the version of Android the device is running. Most of cracked Android versions can be found on different forums under the name of ROMs and are created by third party developers.

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